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  1. Re: Hillary Clinton interviewed by Howard Stern

    Kryztian, Stern got her to deny she was a lesbian. Synchronistically, I'm watching an old TV show that has Hillary's rumoured girlfriend, Mary Steenburgen, on it. :-)
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    I agree on all points. But I also remember when the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for lying about Monica Lewinsky. Abuse of the system for partisan reasons tends to backfire.
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    Re: Marijuana - a most complicated matter

    Smoking pot is a good way to pick up astral attachments. So is getting drunk. My brother's personality, as a teen, changed for the worse overnight after he started smoking pot in high school. He...
  4. Re: Kevin Moore's show and his interviews with Channelers

    Arcturus Ra???
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    If he was killed by black magic there would have been no need to concoct the story that he hanged himself with a bed sheet. And there would have been no need for the guards to be missing. His heart...
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    Re: Joseph McMoneagle, Remote Viewing UFOs and ETs

    That reminds me of when Russell Targ said that the immediate burial at sea of Osama Bin Laden was not suspicious, that it was the reasonable thing to do. I guess that's why they say nobody is ex-CIA...
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    When you say something is not true but WE should say it anyway in order to demonize others, you are no longer having an intelligent discussion but are urging others to political action. I don't think...
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    I smell a budding politician, is all...
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    "WE" do not want that? Well what do WE want, beloved leader? What other lies should WE tell in pursuit of this cause?
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    Shouldn't the word "paedophile" be reserved for those having sex with pre-pubescent children? Statutory rape and paedophilia aren't the same thing.
  11. Re: Trade, Currency and Economic War: Sanctions, Tariffs, Market Sell-offs, etc.

    And China is becoming the biggest prison in the world. So if China doesn't like it, then it's the right thing to do.
  12. Re: Pizzagate: pedophilia in American elite (with links to related threads)

    They mention that anti-pedophile activist Field McConnell was recently arrested in Wisconsin for extradition to Florida. But I can't find any definitive information on this, beyond the fact his...
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    Re: Gigi Young on the Greys

    People who contact dead loved ones never get any actionable information about our role here. If they know, they're not talking.
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    Re: Gigi Young on the Greys

    I wonder if Rebecca is dead in this timeline but alive in others. Maybe we NEVER die young, it just appears that way to people who didn't follow us into the new timeline.
    I also wonder other weird...
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    Re: Gigi Young on the Greys

    Yes, I agree that we are responsible for our own reality. I'm not so sure we can consciously change timelines though. And what if I'm already on the satanic (transhuman) timeline because the fork...
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    Re: Underground City at the Getty Museum

    What program are you using? I tried 4k and youtube-dl (both Linux), as well as a Firefox add-on EWasy Youtube Downloader Express. No go.
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    Re: Gigi Young on the Greys

    I've heard of people seeing them, but not seen them myself. Some people reported "Andromedans" (as opposed to "Milky Wayans?") appearing in brown cloaks. Red Elk said they were interdimensional, and...
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    Re: Losing your soul

    Oh, brother
  19. Re: Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About

    For that to work, I think you would have to be more interested in helping strangers than in finding a parking space. Most people aren't.
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    Re: Psychic Surgery: it's real, and it works

    Just because it works does not necessarily mean it comes from the light.

    John of God (arguably the most famous psychic healer) was one sick, evil dude - yet he was able to 'heal'.

    I know a two...
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