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  1. Re: New Steven Greer video (Dec 2019) on Free Energy and Future technology

    Who has the nerve to anonymously plop the design for a working zero point energy generator onto the internet? That is the question...
  2. Re: UK Election... 12 Dec 2019 Corbyn Boris or Libs

    Hi Viking, I can't tell you how you should vote. If I were a British citizen, I would consider the main issue for this election is brexit. To me, I think Britain would be better off out of the EU...
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    From what I have read, there is almost no reasonable possibility that Epstein killed himself.

  4. Re: New Steven Greer video (Dec 2019) on Free Energy and Future technology

    Greer has an excellent idea of creating an open source platform for idea sharing, similar to what is used for Unix. I use an open source spreadsheet and Word processing application. These apps all...
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    Mod edit December 12th @12:59 GMT - Tintin Q
    Other source:...
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    I don't begrudge anyone having a nice place to live. Wherever wilcock's house is, getting that house on 18 acres at that price seems a bargain. Houses in my kneck the woods can be well over that...
  7. Re: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific?

    If one believes that human affairs in the present and future should be conducted with integrity and respect, then, with that being said, any malintended intervention by any nation into another's...
  8. Re: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific?

    I dunno about this eye for an eye mentality about historical wrongs. If the current society is just, and hopefully has tried to make some amends for historical wrongs, then I believe it is perfectly...
  9. Re: Why is China on the move in the South Pacific?

    Yes, indeed, Australia is a prime target for the Chinese. Although the USA is no better morally than China, having likely been responsible for the destabilization of Australian governments and...
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    Re: The Scientists Trying to Catch UFOs

    Actually, I find it a bit astounding that in the OP interview that Deep doesn't seem to be aware that the black ops already has anti-gravity, and that he's swallowing this whole tic-tac story as a...
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    Re: Gigi Young on the Greys

    I understand what Gigi is trying to say. I am not sure of the source of my info on this topic (some of it is from Dan Burisch), but I believe the theory is that the 'gray'-ish looking ETs, or...
  12. Re: Angels Are Real And Much More Fun To Write About

    I talk to the angels regularly. When I am having difficulty in figuring something out, or getting something to work, I say 'I am having a hard time with this. How to make this work?'. Almost, if...
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    Re: GCMAF Immunotherapy for Cancer

    This Wikipedia link goes to great lengths to 'debunk' the use of gcmaf. Perhaps a rebuttal would help?

    "GcMAF actually kills cancer dead.".
  14. Submerged Ruins off the west coast of Cuba

    Around the year 2000, underwater scans by Paula Zalitzki and her team discovered what appears to be the ruins of an ancient city at a depth of half a mile. These ruins include megalithic structures...
  15. Re: Nanoparticles and Magnetism Could Perform Incredible Things

    I suppose some risks may occur with use of nanoparticles, however, if the extraction tech removes all of them, then the risk of misuse is minimized.
  16. Nanoparticles and Magnetism Could Perform Incredible Things

    Nanoparticles and Magnetism can be used for multiple beneficial purposes. Magnetic nanoparticles can be attached to foreign objects then extracted using electromagnets. In this case it's disease...
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    Re: Q posting about Project Looking Glass

    What little I have seen of Q is exactly as Bill describes it, vague, hope raising, unverifiable hot air. To me it's a total waste of time.

    Project Looking Glass points to how a psychopathic...
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    Re: Fenbendazole protocol for Cancer

    We use dog de-wormer, Curcumin, echanacea, hemp oil, amongst other things to keep breast cancer at bay in my mother-in-law. The conventional treatments would have killed her.
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    Re: What Will Happen In 2020?

    Bill, you are right, this is not going to happen. We will be continuing on into a relatively peaceful future, eventually evolving into a spiritual society in which, in the far future, every member...
  20. Re: Germany's Deutsche Bank has reportedly filed bankruptcy

    DB's derivatives exposure is also something that is keeping those that know the extent of it, awake at nights.[/QUOTE]

    I have worked on Basel 2 compliance projects for some large Canadian banks,...
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