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  1. Re: Top level intelligence people call B.S. on Russian invasion

    Maybe someone can do some remote viewing, until then we're all accepting some form of media as valid information. Glad we dont have Chinese troops/NATO trying to enter Mexico. Dont think that would...
  2. Re: NSA Fake Cell Phone Towers Across America helped by Military!

    Yup, they disguise em because they affect health, property values, etc. All major cellular companies do this as standard procedure. Here in the SW, they disguise em as palm trees. Also, all cell data...
  3. Re: Ecuador set to create state-backed digital currency... to ditch dollar?

    If we can bank online we can vote online too I believe. It could be made transparent too
  4. Re: Stopping the Epidemic NOW is possible - practically ZERO COST too !

    I had a hard time following your post? So ionic silver is or isn't whats being talked about here? Thanks for any clarity in advance
  5. Re: Emperical proof Ferguson, MO is a STATE SPONSORED PSY OP!

    I laughed aloud when I read 'nation wide martial law'. Completely mathematically logistaically impossible. Also, police ARE trained to create a perimeter and let rioting resume inside it. Ive seen...
  6. Re: OffPlanetMedia: Rick Simpson & The Politics of Cannabis

    You can ONLY get this in America if youre a California resident w State Medical MJ card.Im in the industry and its not as readily available as it seems
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    Re: Hypothyroidism, an epidemic

    get your dairy from colorado cows instead of California cows if you can, ease up on tuna and Alaskan salmon consumption (atlantic far safer), just a few easy ways to reduce biologically magnified...
  8. Re: Russian Navy 'Forces US Submarine Out' of Arctic Boundary Waters!

    This, after they chase a spy jet of ours into the Netherlands last week. We're testing they're combat competancy. So far, i believe they've surprised us
  9. Re: This is beautiful...from Neal Donald Walsch...Letter from God

    a great series of books. I read them when i was 12, kickstarted my spiritual journey no doubt
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    Re: No entry into Brazil?

    Im not buying the Ebola scare, BRICS a more likely culprit imo
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    Re: Hypothyroidism, an epidemic

    Fukushima diiachi
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    They tried to assasinate putin. They went for the Archduke moment and failed to the demise of hundreds, msm wont touch it but Putins personal plane flew over that very spot about 20 minutes before...
  13. Re: MARKET CRASH DATE 'PREDICTED' - In line with Christine Legarde's (Luck 7s)..?

    So what happened on july 20?? What day did flight mh17 go down in ukraine????
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    Re: Sex - The Secret Gate to Gnosis

    Have lots of sex, your life will be better in may arenas. Consensual only haha
  15. Re: Who are the Special Forces of the World and Why are they here?

    In war, those with the least morality are too often victorious
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    Re: Ebola Outbreak Spreading.

    And this is why I dont eat monkey meat.......easy for me to say as i get fat off American overabundance.
  17. Re: Is this too simplistic a solution to Wifi radiation?

    I have a giant Pink sea Salt crystal lamp next to the computer. Should help, right?? Posted this earlier but i seem to havebeen overlooked haha. Does sea salt itself negate this destructive energy??...
  18. Re: Another Fed disaster? : Stanley Fischer?

    Is that Warren Jeffs? i laughed inside, chuckled silently to myself 'cstm'
  19. Re: Is this too simplistic a solution to Wifi radiation?

    I have a giant Pink sea Salt crystal lamp next to the computer. Should help, right??
  20. Re: Common Core in America " it is what it is "

    Closer to slam poetry than actual debate "uh huh huh huh huuh" haha
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