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    Re: The Wuhan Coronavirus

    What comes to mind is the 2009 fake swine flu epidemic that was being pedalled by WHO and our governments at the time.
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    The Australian bushfires being pedalled as an example of what happens as a result of Australia not signing onto the climate change hoax/tax by none other than a child with no life experience by the...
  3. Thread: Ça Chauffe!

    by BMJ

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    Anti-Macron Protesters Cut Power Lines, Cause Massive Outages to Distribution, Trains, Suburbs

    In an escalation of protests against reforms being pushed by President Emanuel Macron, French union...
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    Re: Pedophilia outside USA's Hollywood centered world

    Grooming Gangs Whistleblower: Police Who Turned Blind Eye to Abuse Must Be Prosecuted

    Quote, Maggie Oliver, a former GMP detective:
    “My real anger about the whole of this 15-year journey is that...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    Source closes to Harvey Weinstein have revealed that Weinstein physiotherapists "Tucker" has been pleased with his progress with walking frame and the sympathy it has stirred up.
    "Tucker" expects...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    The satanic aspects of hollywood portray here for public entertainment what they do in life that is child sacrifice to Moloch.

    Thank you Majestic 12 @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 on twitter for this find.
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    Second and last time on an off topic post.

    Indigenous fire methods involve low flame low intensity fires and reading the land and in doing so understanding when fires need to occur, which in turn...
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    Some good news.

    Mine magnate Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest blames arson for bushfires as he announces $70 million recovery donation

    "Fortescue Metals chairman Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest says he...
  9. Re: Malaysian Plane MH17 shot down with over 295 on board. But by who?

    Ukranian Whistleblower Reveals MH-17 Tragedy Was Orchestrated By Poroshenko And British Secret Service

    "It is highly recommended that the documentary is viewed as all the information, in...
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    Actual range of fires in Australia as of 7/1/2020.


    You should probably stop sharing these misleading viral 'maps' of the Australian bushfires

    The bushfires currently...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    1214165845343186944 Guess who Leo DiCaprio

    There's only one way to make it big in Hollywood you have to go in deep with the satanic occult.

    No matter how beautiful & glamourous the star...
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    what about 200+ years of idiocy, bad management of forests and water resources, and plain old human greed[/QUOTE]

    I agree, you can add that to the list leavesoftrees.

    In short the motivation...
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    To keep the current bushfires in perspective because bushfires are normal and to be expected I revisited the statistics.

    To my surprise I had thought the 1851 Black Thursday bushfires were by far...
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    Some common sense from a NSW Minister for Water Melinda Pavey about fire breaks around properties, towns and clearing of bushland.

    Respect 'indigenous forebears' and reduce Australia's fuel load:...
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    Re: Hollyweird GreatAwakening

    BUSINESSEmeli Sandé’s “Clown”: A Song About Selling Out to the Music Industry?Published
    Quote summary
    "In this era where an increasingly monolithic music industry is revealing itself to a public...
  16. Thread: Celebrity Crushes

    by BMJ

    Re: Celebrity Crushes

    I used to have celebrity crushes, but since I have become awake as to whom these people really are beyond the fame I find them "absolutely disgusting".

    For example I wanted to watch my DVD of...
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    It looks like the satanic/globalists are looking for consent from the Australian people to allow them to make Australia a dust bowl with populations centred in cities reminiscent of Judge Dredd...
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    This one off post is a counter to the posts above, in that instead of focusing on the disaster of bushfire it is focusing on solutions that can be implemented by farmers to rejuvenate their farms.
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    It can only be welcomed that an Australian is bringing up scientific facts about the recurrence of bushfires. BUT PLEASE comment then also on the rivers and aquivers that have been running dry ....
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    This is a much ado about nothing.


    Despite the high impact imagery and dramatic headlines Bushfires are normal, expected and a necessary part of the natural life cycle of the bush here in...
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