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  1. Re: How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?

    Hi guys, and thanks for your answers. Very thought provoking. I found the following on the net, which seems more like 'Eashoa' (phon.) than 'Yeshua', but very close.

  2. How Do You Pronounce The Name 'Jesus'?

    I would like to call upon Jesus as he would have been called upon many years ago. It just doesn't seem authentic to call him as he is called in English. I have come across so many different...
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    Re: Third Reich Maps of Inner Earth

    For me this is a fascinating discovery. I had always wondered what a map of the Inner Earth would be like. Of course, the map is lacking in details, and could well be similar to ancient maps that...
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    Re: Re James Casbolt/Michael Prince

    I feel for James. Am I the only one? If you have read even some of his accounts, and if even some of those have a basis in truth, then James has been to Hell and back. Several times. He is a mind...
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    Re: Past-life personalities you recall

    I have a recall of many past lives. I believe that we only recall those lives and events that will help us on our current journey through life. Subsequently, there will be many, many lives and...
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    Re: When Is a Hybrid Not a Hybrid?

    Omniverse, you've brought up a few questions/observations I'd like to reply to.

    Firstly, about the grey. i got the initial impression that she was female. I was lying on my side on some sort of...
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    When Is a Hybrid Not a Hybrid?

    As many of you know, I have been a Grey abductee and have met and interacted with what I felt to be my children on board the craft. I put a few vids up on youtube of me attempting to explain and to...
  8. Re: Raw Rosetta Images of Alien Buildings on Comet 67P

    It is wise at this time to remember the interview between Dr. Ken Johnson and Jeff Rense. NASA has been airbrushing images for decades, and there is no reason why the modus operandi for the ESA...
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    Re: Interview with Helen McLibel

    OK, the gist of it is that Helen was a involved in the McLibel battle that lasted three years in court. London Greenpeace (Separate from the main body of Greenpeace) produced a leaflet "What's wrong...
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    A World Trip With a Difference

    Here you are. Here's all the cash you need. All the circumstances are fortuitous. Time for you to satisfy your curiosity, to visit all those places that have piqued your interest for so long. Off...
  11. Re: Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii to create extraterrestrial visitor sanctuary (S02E09)

    I know where I'd rather touch down on Earth after an extended period in deep, dark, and incredibly cold, space. :cool:
  12. Re: Child Sexual Abuse in Tibetan Monasteries

    Every organisation on this planet runs totally contrary to the primal nature of the soul in usurping individual morality and free will.
  13. The Daily Feelgood: Duct Tape Surfing

    Sometimes it's good to step back from the brink of worldwide calamities, real and imagined, and to remind ourselves how beautiful we are. All of us. I'm on my fourth viewing. Proud to be an...
  14. Re: Henrik Palmgren on the Secret Space Program Conference 2014

    Drumroll please... and here's the website!

    The question that pops readily to mind is just how far advanced the Program is compared to anything and everything...
  15. Re: A look inside an underground city. Is this the ultimate proof?

    Perhaps the most extensive collation of reports of underground cities and the like is Branton's 'Project Redbook'.

    About Branton.
  16. Re: Sasquatch Habituator documents evidence of paranormal aspects to the Sasquatch Phenomna

    The latest from Mike.

    Nephatia seems to be introducing his sister to Mike, called Ashantia. It is Ashantia who does the 'mouth clucks' at 4.29.


    In relation to the disposition of...
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    Re: Big Cats of Australia

    Hi Ellisa. I remember the stories of sightings in the Otways. I drove through there, camping, and while setting the tent up was very mindful of them. I remember another occasion when I was camping...
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    Big Cats of Australia

    For many years I have been fascinated by stories of big cats roaming the Australian bush. Whenever I can I have asked questions of others, and have been surprised by the seeming commonness of...
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    Re: The 2013 Retrospective

    Good on you, GreenGuy! I think the value of living in a place of your own is so underestimated in this society. The notion of having your own 'space'. I quit Facebook very early on in the piece. ...
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    Re: The 2013 Retrospective

    Wow! Beethoven's 9th is a special piece of music! In Vienna by the Vienna Philharmonic no less! Whenever I hear classical music I am reminded of how it looks in the astral. Some classical music...
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