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  1. Re: Alien Abduction - Signs, Symptoms and Marks

    I agree big time on everything you say, And of-course i agree that it is a tough subject to deal with on a personal note for most here, but for those who wish to speak the thread will always be open...
  2. Re: Alien Abduction - Signs, Symptoms and Marks

    Yes i saw the vid you speak of may he rest in peace.

    I contacted Steve Colbern on facebook for readings and equipment protocols about 4 months ago and still no reply. I sent him all my links to...
  3. Re: Alien Abduction - Signs, Symptoms and Marks

    Wow not one response, not even from our own abductees?
  4. Sticky: Re: The Faces of Avalon - new YouTube channel for forum members

    Bump , this thread is still awesome, keep it going. :wizard:
  5. Alien Abduction - Signs, Symptoms and Marks

    What do you think guys?
    I get those weird scratch marks between my shoulder blades every few weeks.
    Unknown bruising once in while.
    Not quite sure...
  6. Re: Solaris BlueRaven 07-23-2014 (interesting interference)

    I guess that says much about you and them. if you can't see passed the name then what is the point?
    Solaris BlueRaven has a beautiful mind and spirit, and she helps people, that is all that anyone...
  7. Re: Solaris BlueRaven 07-23-2014 (interesting interference)

    Interference signal speeded up 8x

    Published on Jul 24, 2014
    Here is the interference signal speeded up 8x. Mystery solved. If a stream is interrupted it may temporarily revert to a different...
  8. Re: Solaris BlueRaven 07-23-2014 (interesting interference)

    Ya I put it on dvd in case they removed it
  9. Re: Solaris BlueRaven 07-23-2014 (interesting interference)

    bumping this so other can gleam it
  10. Solaris BlueRaven 07-23-2014 (interesting interference)

    Published on Jul 24, 2014
    This is a sound bite with some interesting interference which was captured from my interview last night with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black. Adam Go Rightly was kind enough...
  11. Pure experience & exploring the resonnance of consciousness - Anamika

    Published on Jul 22, 2014
    Born in New York with the gift of an energy transmission of love, Anamika began her exploration of consciousness in early childhood.

    In all aspects of her work, which...

    Ugg it says it's private I can not watch the full version.
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    Re: Sweetener for tea and coffee

    Raw cane sugar is good to if not already posted, refined sugar is unhealthy.
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    Re: The Outer Space Connection

    ok cool thank you, i wonder why that is?
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    The Outer Space Connection

    Pay close attention to dates and numbers in this very old docu, and many other things stated, once again pay close attention. I wish i knew the year this was produced as I am putting this on dvd

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    Re: Cancer, have you recovered?

    Cancer free as of Feb. next year. that will make 20 years. Hodgekins disease stage 2 (I was 27.)

    I had radiation treatments (full torso, both sides, back and front) 3 months. apparently is was...
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    Re: The history of Our Moon Told by ET

    reminds me of the Anunaki and Nibiru
  18. Re: Bigfoot, Atlantis and The Bohemian Grove

    Check out this book:
    Ghost Hunters
    True stories from the world's famous demonologists
    Ed and Lorraine Warren with Robert David Chase

    Case File: Bigfoot p.25 - 30
    Very good chapter very...
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    Re: Children as McDonald's Hamburgers

    there has to be more to this vid somehwere
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    Re: Help me with a name change

    note in Hebrew the Jana translates into Gift from God
    My mom use to say to me when I was a child, 'who do you think you are? God's Gift"
    LOL i can now officially say yes lol
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