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    Re: My visit to the ancient Hypogeum in Malta


    See Post #44 with link to Archaeoacoustic Analysis of the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum in Malta paper
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    Re: Stop 5G before it's irreversible!

    From Jon Rappoport yesterday:

    "The beginning of an actual rational plan for energy would start this way: DUMP 5G. Dump the whole plan of installing small transmitter-cells on buildings and...
  3. Dead Sea scrolls study raises new questions over texts' origins [news item]

    Here's an interesting article in today's Guardian newspaper. And a note to self: reread Baigent, Lincoln & Leigh's excellent The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception

    - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  4. Re: Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador tears up asylum deal

    Excellent post there Hervé :thumbsup:

    Here's the transcript which should be printed out and put on a wall at home. I'll be using much of this to form the text for the letter I'll be writing to my...
  5. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    From Steven F. Hayward's presentation at Hillsdale College in 2014 and well worth a listen:

    @16:07 - "The result of the latest catalog of exaggerated claims and appalling clichés is, you know,...
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    Re: Being Human in our Technocracy

    The Digital Love Industry - film/documentary (warning: contains strong language and some explicit scenes/imagery)*

    (*Alternatively, the overview printed below should suffice as a thinking point in...
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    Re: Being Human in our Technocracy

    "That thought process was all about, how do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?"

    Sean Parker - First President of Facebook (on the principles behind its...
  8. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    Thanks Hervé :star:

    Here's a handy link where you can see the internal exchanges at UEA/CRU from a select 250 very revealing email exchanges:...
  9. Re: The video that started it all for me, THE HIDDEN AGENDA FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT [Norman Dodd with Ed Griffin]


    And now in the library, here:
  10. Re: The video that started it all for me, THE HIDDEN AGENDA FOR WORLD GOVERNMENT [Norman Dodd with Ed Griffin]


    **Re-posting this very important video, also available at UK Climbing forum, here:

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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    Boris Johnson

    A brief intermission if I may :)

    I don't know if anyone else here in the UK remembered seeing it, but, 'Who do you think you are?' often throws up some very interesting and...
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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    Instead of starting a new thread for this piece from Craig Murray I think it is still sufficiently on-topic to share here.

    I'd hunched some time ago that the 'leave' vote may very well suit a...
  13. Re: The Spectacle of Secrecy and Other Manipulation Tactics

    Thanks very much Cara for this excellent article :star:

    Here's the accompanying audio interview published July 29th, 2019 between Whitney Webb and Doug Valentine cited in this article above:

  14. Re: Jeffrey E. Epstein arrested and charged with sex trafficking by fed [6th July, 2019].

    This in a little earlier from Jon Rappoport.

    "If all this is true, the word came down the line: Epstein had protection coming from...
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    Re: Large scale and unexpected power outages

    These almost simultaneous outages occurred at around 16:54 which nationally would have impacted on the evening rush-hour.

    According to the Guardian:

    The power cut was caused by problems at...
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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    “Nothing could be more irrational than to give the people power and to withhold
    from them information, without which power is abused. A people who mean to be their
    own governors must arm themselves...
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    Re: Paul McCartney really is Dead

    @AriG: lovely idea :)

    Hey, you could start it yourself, with that very post :highfive:

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    Re: 20 Dead in El Paso Walmart Shooting

    This last paragraph leaps out as really one of the most astute I've seen anywhere here - thank you :star: I really couldn't agree more.

    Definitions here, and clear ones, really do need to be made.
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    Re: Current Wikileaks and Assange News & Releases

    **ATTEMPTING TO ACCESS WIKILEAKS - please could other members have a go as well.**

    From the mods chat just now:

    Herve Today at 15:30

    The message I got:
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    Re: The Great Quotes thread

    Whilst reading through a very dense lecture by a peace Druid named Thomas Clough-Daffern, itself a monumentally beautiful piece (I had stumbled upon it really very much by accident when looking for...
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