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  1. Re: Researchers using MMS claim 100% cure rate of Covid-19 in 100+ patient trial in Ecuador

    I gave MMS to two women that had the covid 19 symptoms, within 2 days they were symptom free. They took it for a 3rd day just to make sure it the virus was gone.
    They had about 28 activated drops...
  2. Re: LOOK at your sky now, much activity here SE London

    May be they are satellites ??
    I see them everyday in Mexico
  3. Re: Why ARE USA children so ill? Is it planned? Is it too late to turn around?

    I live in Mexico and we get a lot of tourists from the USA. When I used to work in the hotel industry, only the American tourists were the ones with allergies to peanuts, shrimp, strawberries, kiwis,...
  4. Thread: Church of MMS?

    by seko

    Re: Church of MMS?

    I have been using it for ten years still using it today and always good.
    My mother had arthritis and was in pain every time the winter season came, now she is fine, no pain in her wrists or legs or...
  5. Re: New Surveillance and Personal Security issue (cameras on planes)

    That is what I was thinking about haha
  6. Re: David Icke Banned from Entering Australia Ahead of Tour .....

    The people in Australia should complain to their government, where is the freedom of speech??
    Let him talk, let the people decide who they listen to or not, you aren't children for god sake!!...
  7. Re: Eric Laithwaite's lecture about gyro effect that creates antigravity.

    Bumping this thread for a healthy and strong:muscle:brain

    Profesor Eric Laithwaite is brilliant, I highly recommend his lecture, easy to understand....
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    Re: How is Foxie Loxie doing?

    Very kind woman!! Best wishes for her and for her new adventures to come!
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    Re: Do we have an Iranian friend in Avalon ???

    Hi Rhogar,

    Thank you for replying to this thread that I forgot about it, it's been 5 years hahaha.

    The idea of the thread is just to know what happens in Iran in general from people that live...
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    Re: Earthquake, mag 4.4: Southwest UK!


    According to Dutchsince is down to Fracking.
  11. Re: May we know how safe is MMS from people who have been taking it?

    I've been using MMS for 8 years now. I use it to get rid of bacteria, fungus etc.. It works well for me, never had an issue with it.
    I've helped people with cancer, arthritis, candida and many more...
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    Re: Mw 7.1 PUEBLA, MEXICO

    No Foxie, I live in on the coast in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.;). We just get hurricanes no big EQ. haha
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    Re: M 6.1 oaxaca, mexico

    This bridge, was damaged during the main E.Q. of 8.2 on the 7th of September 2017. With this new E.Q. today 23rd, the bridge now is useless.
    Is located in Oaxaca, Mexico
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    Re: Mw 7.1 PUEBLA, MEXICO

    This video is in Mexico city. The local community helping to lift debris of a building, it's awesome when people help each other in this times of need.
    So far, almost 300 people have died in three...
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    Is hurricane Maria going to hit the island where Target lives??
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    Target, look after yourself mate. I've been in a couple of hurricanes, last one was Odile in Sept 2014 in Los Cabos, Mexico and it destroyed our small cities. No electricity or city water for at...
  17. Re: Former Soros associate: Wilders and Le Pen elected, then chaos in the EU and global markets

    In this video Le Pen seems to be repeating the same words as the other French candidate Fillon, I wonder if Herve or another French speaker can tell us if they are using the same speech. If so, why? ...
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    Re: M 7.2 mindanao, philippines

    The planet is moving. 3 days ago in Chile 6.9 and now Philippines 7.2.
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    Re: O'Reilly outed from Fox

    Excellent! He won't be missed.
  20. Re: The U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Race Is Over and Russia Has Won

    Missiles are so 1980's... we've moved on, that's why our missiles can't match theirs, we found better stuff ;)[/QUOTE]


    I think this radio interference is even better:peace:
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