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    Hmmm sorry to go occams razor, but my first suspicion here would be simple insurance fraud. Hello!? We're probably talking 100s of millions or more.....
  2. Re: Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden Mocks Extent of Post-Snowden Reform

    I preferred it before. Having the gov keep info is one thing, but them letting private companies store it indefinitely is fascist bull*$#@
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    Re: Dragons are real

    Real dragon s would really spice up a weekend camping trip!
  4. Re: 'It's time to hold physical cash,' says one of Britain's most senior fund managers

    Bank holidays LOL. Coming soon to a money changer near you. Cash in hand is the only cash thats real once a 'systemic event' hit
  5. Re: Peanut Butter Smell Test for Alzheimer's

    Hmm this is very intersesting. I like your posts Mpennery
  6. Re: Ever heard abut BPA, the number one chemical that causes the most severe form of cancer

    Thank you for posting this kind sir, ill get this info to a dear friend recently diagnosed w breast cancer at age 28, sad
  7. Re: Alex Jones: "Something Big Is About To Happen"

    I really like your disposition!! Ill stay extra positive today after reading this
  8. Re: Health experts say cancer threat from cell phones is greater than we think

    That was from 1989?????? This blows my mind, the billy meier case?
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    Re: Amtrak train derails

    maybe? Or they want mass transit to look unsafe so we stay in our individual automobiles using more petrol. Or, somebody got drunk at work and royally screwed up.
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    Re: News for all patriotic Americans...

    I dont think anyone should be able to 'renounce' anything. Words are just words and the 1st Ammendment should let us say what we want. Maybe if you sign a document to renounce i guess, but words are...
  11. Re: Sometimes Predictions Affect What Happens (Portland, OR)

    I find myself giving more credence to themes and trends than any sorts of prediction. Trends is where its at for me as I look forward, economic, social, political, and celestial
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    Re: Is Keshe an incarnation of Einstein?

    Looks close. Reminds me of David Wilcock Edgar Cayce, who strongly resembles Edgar Cayce
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    Edgar Cayce predicted that russia would be the light of the world
  14. Re: ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

    Yes and im sure they're training giant taliban spiders with ebola, sars,and swine flu and laser guided missles on their shoulders that hate American freedom
  15. Re: Iran and P5 +1 make agreement on Iran's Nuclear Issue

    now they can sell the oil at higher prices again. Watch the cost go up over summer. They thought they could kinda blackmail the russians through economic manipulation and if they would have had...
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    Re: Time is NOT an Illusion

    Time is only measured by the events contained within it. This is why we all experience time as speeding up.....because it actually is i believe. its happening because more is occuring in the...
  17. Re: Theorizing about Conspiracies 'ILLEGAL' by Government Decree 2015 onward!

    Haha Someone told me they saw David Cameron sitting on a park bench eating a poop sandwich. I said no no you didn't, David Cameron doesn't eat bread.
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    Randing strong lol. Rand your ground lol. Anyone find it strange how american media now seems to be coercing jews to vote republican? Whats the agenda behind this new ploy? So american voters will...
  19. Re: Understanding constipation and techniques to release it - Sarina Stone (part 2)

    Time for my Kombuucha!Cheers!
  20. Re: Mysterious Voice Led Officers to Save Baby in Car in River

    Carmody is smart, that much is evident. But I propose the notion that carmody is also a badass because that last post was huge in scope and scale of content and i loved it.
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