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    Re: Internet Censorship: So it began...

    I deactivated mine yesterday. I still have a Facebook page though, where I post maybe twice a year. The reason I have not deactivated my Facebook page is because one of my sons is constantly...
  2. Re: What they DON'T want you to know [Mouthy Buddha]

    more from the Mouthy

    UFOs - a History Channel show featuring AATIP, TTSA, John Podesta, etc. [thanks onawah]

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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    Looks like the deep underbelly being "exposed" here by Webb (again) yet none of this ever seems to go mainstream and nothing is ever done except a slow drag out with predictably zero results... I...
  4. Re: Allegedly, the "Resignation Letter" of Mr. Luis Elizondo

    Note that a mis-pelling does not render a document invalid. I have experienced multiple examples of mispelled words in official legal documents where though a word may be mis-pelled, the document...
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    One theory as to "why do a failed impeachment when they know Trump won't be convicted." To deter or limit the impact of a Barr/Durham probe's results and the potential investigation into the Bidens...
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    Re: Tic-Tac Briefing Slide Exposed

    If that were the case John, how would the 'elites' protect themselves and their families, friends, etc?


    a.) The elites share perceived immunity (or what onawah suggested -...
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    There's a popular betting website that shows the likelihood of political events — here's what it says about Trump's impeachment odds
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    Re: The Messiah Complex

    Your post, Exo, reminds me of a true story. In 1980 I was 22 years old and, due to clearly self destructive behavior, having been convinced by my mother "it was for my own good," I voluntarily...
  9. Re: Breaking The Silence! Luis Elizondo finally talks to John Greenewald

    I think TTSA is a semi-independent player made up of individuals who desire more of the truth to come out but "play" it carefully having a pretty good understanding of the various stakeholders of...
  10. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    I have less now than when in my twenties (had a good dozen or so in my twenties) but I vividly recall one in particular where I had this incredible "knowing" of how to experience it which was,...
  11. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    YES! and additionally, human encroachment on the millions of non-human species. And to address such in a practical manner, you have to deal with the dynamic of nations and one globe. Combining that...
  12. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    Climate Change Hoax COLLAPSES as New Science Finds Human Activity Has Virtually Zero Impact on Global Temperatures

    The climate change hoax has collapsed. A devastating series of research papers...
  13. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Yes, sorta like we see has happened with the youth in the US - quite brainwashed.
  14. Re: [HOAX] "I pull the strings, and the elite dance" - Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran

    I am now an 8 year veteran of this forum. I am unsure when it actually dawned on me... perhaps three or so years ago. But I reached the point where whenever I heard a new "insider" or "experiencer"...
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    Re: What happened to Teresa Yanaros?

    There's also the matter of "egregores," group thoughtforms. Every cult has one, and if you leave the cult you WILL BE ATTACKED. It's just that not everyone is psychic enough to perceive the monster....
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    Re: All about Trump's 'impeachment'

    Already saw one of those pens on Ebay... guess they wanna get the most they can before the value drops.

    Interestingly, a signed/numbered Limited Edition from the 2016 election run-up of The Art...
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    I got to know Bob four or so years ago... when I was more open to meeting folks from these forums. We developed an extensive relationship via Skype. What is mind blowing to me is the following: I...
  18. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    The New York Times (Jan 13, 2020)

    Iran’s Grim Economy Limits Its Willingness to Confront the U.S.

    Iran is caught in a wretched economic crisis. Jobs are scarce. Prices for food and other...
  19. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Boris Johnson backs Trump to land a new deal with Iran

    London | British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he's prepared to break the European consensus and rip up the nuclear deal with Iran in...
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    Top-secret UFO files could ‘gravely damage’ US national security, Navy says

    The Department of Defense has top-secret classified briefings and a classified video about a UFO incident.

    The U.S....
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