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    Re: Saturn Kidnapping and Recycling Souls

    Well, Rebecca is working with Blue avians (, which really does not lend her any credibility.

    Wxmm - your...
  2. Re: Joe Rogan Experience #1368 with Edward Snowden (4+ Million Views in 1 day!)

    Articulate and well worth the time!

  3. Re: DNA activation unleashing original human potential.

    Has anyone in PA done actual research into from where and by whom did the 12-Strand DNA meme (which I think it most likely is) originate?

    I am open to DNA having more to it than meets the eye,...
  4. Re: Mike Adams: "Scientists have become enemies of life". At least, listen!!!! There's wisdom to behold here....

    The title as scientists as enemies of life, is just wrong, you can’t be serious to make such a blanket statement.

    Without looking at the video, one can dismiss the premise immediately. Nothing is...
  5. Re: Mysterious Cryptid Caught On Film By Colorado Springs Mom???

    Because frame-by-frame -animation (or any other form) makes you sweat. When you’ve animated a few seconds, just for laughs, you realize that doing more will take up your whole week. But still - you...
  6. Re: A very realistic 'Giant Skeleton' in Thailand (an art exhibit)

    You’re joking, yes?

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    Re: Soul Destroy - Eternal Death

    Re Podesta - how can you back this claim? Is this fact and if so, how do you know it? If not fact - an opinion?

    You are making accusations - how about providing evidence or at least the basis of...
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    Re: Soul Destroy - Eternal Death

    Bump - still keen to know
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    Re: Soul Destroy - Eternal Death

    Omni, hi - what is the source of your information re 1988,1996,2004 and 2012?

  10. Re: The truth about the pyramid UFO over the Pentagon (admitted CGI fabrication)

    Even if the video was real or it wasn’t - the point in my opinion is that it was (and this discussion I am contributing to) is noise. This video reminds of the good-ole noise to signal -ratio thread....
  11. Re: The truth about the pyramid UFO over the Pentagon (admitted CGI fabrication)

    I can’t decide whether the two original videos or this explanatory video is more lazy and unthorough.

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    Re: A Barbarian And A Poet


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    Re: Putin's gift to us

    Don't know anything about Hal - at this point imo with nothing tangible, the story is of Fulfordian quality with ominous imminence(a really really real scientific term for channelled or made up info...
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    Re: Space and Time dimensions equals 6 not 4

    I've entertained myself with the idea that there really is only space or only time - to be exact, the arrangement of objects in space in relation to eachother makes up time or objects move to reflect...
  15. Re: Say No To Reincarnation And Remember Who You Are!

    Even though reincarnation in itself is obscure concept to study - still some evidence has been put forward to support it.

    What you are suggesting is quite an elaborate construct that you possess...
  16. Re: Say No To Reincarnation And Remember Who You Are!

    I've experienced a nde - no light. Instead a great revelation: one must forget to think and feel that this game is "real". If I could remember what I felt then, there would be no point in anything...
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    Re: Time traveller reveals our world in 2030

    I´ll call this BS and suggest that the thread be closed.

  18. Re: Interview with the lifelike hot robot, named Sophia

    I just recently viewed an interesting ted-talk that is strongly related - about learning algorithms. The audio is here:

    The talk could be summarized as...
  19. Re: Putin: "U.S. Made Hurricanes with Machines"

    Well, the sources don't really seem to provide anything other than likely a conjured up story.

  20. Re: '20-and-back', and claims of age regression

    Joe, Nasu - brilliant observations.

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