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    I listened to the Howard Stern interview last night and I was very impressed with Alex Jones'. Stern, though being his normal self was pretty good too in giving him 1 hour and 22 mins and listened...
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    Re: Satan is necessary.

    I too was thinking about the yin and yang in response to this question.. I remember reading a statement attached to the symbol, which has always stuck in my mind, in regards to the symbol itself and...
  3. Re: A claimed list of all the FEMA camps in America

    I hope youre correct and it's highly probable you are. My gut instinct insists a lot of the elites plans are not working out like they'd hope to, highly possible due to good off world "friends" who...
  4. Question about murdered Relative's Soul Condition

    A relative of mine (nephew) was brutally murdered just over a year ago on the Gold Coast - Australia. I'm actually back in NZ to attend his memorial this weekend.
    He was a talented entertainer who...
  5. Re: Unbelievably Good Clif High Interview

    What has Clif's program actually predicted and come off? What work of his I've seen in the past is not much more than Fulford's rants to be honest.
  6. Re: 2012-12-21 Into the Future, Consciously

    May the new paradigm be served with gratitude by all for all.
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    Re: 2012 Update from Australia.

    The supposed official 11.11 trigger for the Aussies is 9.11pm tonight (our 21st) which correlates to 11.11am GMT. Im not expecting too much, but secretly hoping there'll be a massive consicousness...
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    Re: What TPTB do not realise.

    Great point. The agreements and contracts made by both the individual and the collective is a great part of both the good and horrible aspects that is this life.
    I too agree that the attributes of...
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    Re: Can TPTB Be Stopped?

    I agree here. I feel intuitively that we amongst various "shepards" like Inelia (and the like) have strategically positioned themselves here at this time to level out a fair playing field and...
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    Re: 30 days til 21/12/12

    If anything, it'll definitely be an upgrade in consciousness depending on each individuals current status, and as we've heard a thousand times, where and what you want moving forward - or backwards...
  11. Re: Hope Girl 2012, How To Fix The World Report is Now Out.

    Great post. This what it's about people. The collective consciousness working together with practical steps and more importantly raising the vibration of this planet. Lets Do It!!!!!
  12. Re: A 2013 Election 'Prediction' for all you 'Australian Political Purists'..!

    Jack. I should have mentioned a big, big kudo's to Alan Jones about his recent statement about her fathers shame, which in fact and hindsight is 100% true.
    If only people knew the role she...
  13. Re: A 2013 Election 'Prediction' for all you 'Australian Political Purists'..!

    Spot on post Jack. I can't stand this b....!, like Rudd, Albanese and the like. 100% shills for the NWO. The thing is though, that if Abbott gets in at the next election, it'll the same old passing...
  14. Re: SOTT article: The 2012 Collective Shift & the Secret History of End-Times Prophec

    Great post. Enjoyed re-reading most of what we already know. The guy put this together in an easy to read format. Looking forward to 12 Dec to 21 Dec. very intriguing dates indeed.
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    Re: What should we tell our children?

    :happy:Im teaching or at least getting my 3 year old to feel his electrical body (meridians etc) through tapping methods. I feel it's necessary for him to understand what it means for him to...
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    Re: Body Talk System

    Nikolai. I read this post several weeks ago and was I intrigued by the concept of being conciousness based healing modality, by means of mind/ body connected integration.
    As a result of watching as...
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    Re: The Paralympics Closing Ceremony.

    More interesting would be, what happened to the endorsement of the countdown clock that had all the bells and whistles pointing to the 7.30 closing??:cool:
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    Re: River turns BLOOD Red -- Wha'da'ya think?

    Why is there no videos on the net with exception of the photos seen here? Wouldn't you expect 1000's of smart phone You Tube video up-loaded by Chinese locals? Smells another rat to me.
  19. Re: and the count-down clock that ended on 9/9/12

    Probably another "London Olympics didn't go down" anomaly. The good aliens wont allow it happen, just yet, one might think. I aint losing no sleep!
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    Re: photo anomaly

    Looks like a witch with an invisible face wearing purple drape hoodie making her way to the "ceremony"
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