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  1. Re: Kate of Gaia - Babylon Is Fallen : Free Yourself of the CROWN

    The truth will set you free, but first it will p1ss you off.

    Keep your chin up.

    Take it all in.

    Take stock and learn to live in the new world you are seeing.

    Soldier on.
  2. Re: David Wilcock - The Solar System Is Moving Into A New Area Of Vibration

    I'd say that the lesson learned at the end (the result of which is in your brackets!) was worth the price of admission was it not?

    David has opinions. Some are worth listening to, others, can be...
  3. Thread: I'm weak

    by Anchor

    Re: I'm weak

    You may be feeling weak right now, but when you say "I am weak", then, in my opinion, you are making it so.

    We will always help you. (I speak for my part of that).

    I suggest you have a try at...
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    Good quote from Plato that sums us up

    For those who can't see the image, it is a "meme" style image and the text on the image reads:

    Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their...
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    Re: Ascension - a few questions (?)

    I was rather careful to be inconclusive actually. It is my opinion, and that opinion is based on things I have learned and backed up by personal experiences and opportunities to discern some things...
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    Re: Ascension - a few questions (?)

    (You said correct me if I am wrong, but I cant do that, because I dont know if you are wrong or right, all of my opinion below is just that and your mileage may vary!)

    Can't say correct or...
  7. Re: BREAKING! Ukrainian President Announces Permanent Ceasefire Agreement With Russia

    Only one year ago (+/- a week) and we were all intently workign on bringing a harmony to Syria and warding off any ideas of extra agression toward those people acting inside Syria against the highest...
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    Re: What is your definition of Spiritual?

    To me spiritual refers to that reality that is us which lies beyond the mind and body.

    We can attain spiritual consciousness in varying measures and as we progress with that the spiritual realm...
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    Re: Asking for thoughts and prayers

    Great words - what he said - it is the way.
  10. Re: by George Green

    Certainly, I think these books are essential reading.

    Its interesting re-reading them after a few years since they will retrigger and differently trigger you.

    I also joined Avalon partly as a...
  11. Thread: Oneness

    by Anchor

    Re: Oneness

    Oneness and manyness are the same (a paradox?) but the reason we might think they are different is the point of perspective from which we frame our concepts and thoughts.

    Take this forum. A brief...
  12. Re: Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations



    I gotta tell you that this doesn't sound quite right to me.

    First... how would Cryptome know that they have all the files?

    If they do, by announcing this in advance...
  13. Re: What have we become? My ability to cope has forsaken me.

    Apparently Don Elkins (one of the three behind the Law Of One material) had a saying:

    "The world is an insane asylum, the best you can hope for is a private room".

    It seems to me, that each of...
  14. Re: Inelia Benz: Alien UFOs exist - And this is why the government won't let you know about them.

    She is .
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    Re: Messages from Indigo 5 year old

    I don't think it is ternary. There are more than three symbols being used noting the backward C and C as distinct and assuming not due to errors.
  16. Re: What's the latest (newer, but inexpensive) in photovoltaic cells/panels?

    To get started, camping equipment is the way to go - designed for portability and is all wired up ready for you to play with.

    Perhaps start with one or two 80W panels and have a play (which is...
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    Re: Meditating simply

    Saw this on reddit today, might be a fun way to try: (even though it is probably a joke, whatever works!)
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    Re: Latest from Inelia Benz

    There is always a date...

    No need to pay attention to them - they are signposts in an illusion and often they are mirage.

    The moment moves with you!

    Be with it as you unfold.

    (I loved...
  19. Re: For Sale Soon: Inventors Harness 'Free Energy' Using New Device..!

    The safest thing they can do is open source the plans and technology documentation and then leg it off somewhere off grid.
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    Re: Healing thought, energy request

    I join in the healing.

    There is no performance standard.

    There are no "rules".

    Free yourself from measuring up to an idealized outcome.
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