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    I am a native Austrian and lived abroad in various countries, even Syria. I want to point out that we in Europe wouldnīt have much of a problem with all these economic and political migrants if they...
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    Re: The Irish Holocaust

    Thank you, Conec, for this information, I live in Austria and would never have known all this without your post
  3. Re: Helga Zepp-LaRouche Keynote | Emergency International Webcast, March 24, 2013

    thanks Helvetic, she really sounds reasonable and much better in any case than what we hear from our politicians
  4. Re: Trapped inside an economic Prison - Chapter I, II and III - Nigel Farage

    thank you for this post, Gustav, I think Mr. Frange is quite right and I wish there were more politicans like him in Europe, personally I am disappointed by the way the EU has developped, much too...
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    Re: smat's interesting links.

    thanks for all these links!
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    Re: MAP - Medical Assistance Program

    dear snowbird, somtimes I feel them or I get pictures or an inner voice talks to me, somtimes I "receive" nothing but I know that they are there. Thanks to you, too, for sharing your experience with...
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    Re: MAP - Medical Assistance Program

    I used Perelandra several times and it always stunned me, one time my son had to undergo surgery and I did Perelandra before they did the surgery: he woke up much faster than he should have and felt...
  8. Re: Forbidden Healing - We Urge people to take action (Immediately)

    thank you for this information, I didnīt know anything about it, itīs simply outrageous
  9. Re: Experience with a touch of Masonic - New member eagerly seeks feedback

    Hi Random, thank you for your openness, your experience is really interesting and worth to be told. take care
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    Re: Obama may have a 'Criminal Past'..?

    thanks for this information, very interesting
  11. Re: Within what time frame are published Scientology books legitimate? (not by the Ch

    thank you trenairio for this thread an thank you bill ryan for giving the links. I downloaded some material an will study it, I am very curious to learn about scientology
  12. Re: Medicines of Light: Protection and Healing from Radiation Poisoning

    thank you, these instructions and explanations are very good and remind me of things I already learned but forgot to do on a regular basis, they are quite similiar, so I believe your instructions...
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    Re: The Syrian uprisinq as well ?

    I agree with both of you, I travelled to and in Syria several times years ago and I know for sure that nobody in that country would ever dare to risk any kind of resistance and certainly no open...
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    Re: To any healers....

    hi, tigahawk, I know an old man who is very psychic and who can get to the real reason of any health problem by looking at your aura and the memories in your chakras and your cells. He also seey past...
  15. Re: A global 'flash mob experience' to send a clear message to humanity

    I love that idea and hope we can make it a reality some day somehow
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    Re: The One With No Face, My Story My Life

    Thank you, just downloaded it, will read it over the weekend
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    Re: don't send "love and light"..

    thanks shiva, that is a good explanation, I agree with you
  18. Re: Natural cures/treatment for radiation exposure

    TigerLilly, thanks for starting this thread, I was going to start a similiar one just today but not necessary any more with your thread now
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    Re: Japan Disaster Update : From another Angle

    thank you, your posts are always very helpful and informative
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    Re: Education NOW based of "baseless knowledge"

    great video, thank you. I agree completely with what Maharishi explains
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