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  1. Re: Rafapal: BRICS Gold money check-mate for Rothschild US dollar?

    Simon Hunt has raised the possibility that China has 30,000 tons of gold. Jim Willie has said the same...
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    Re: MSM: Is President Vladimir Putin dead?

    Stop watching the MSM
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    Bizet's comic opera Carmen.
  4. Re: CIA Insider Warns: "25-Year Great Depression is About to Strike America"

    Agree. We've been in one since 2007. The only thing maintaining the illusion is quantitative easing. What Rickards says about 25 years would be about right. First, the Great Depression was over a...
  5. Re: New Project Camelot interview: WORLD BANK WHISTLEBLOWER KAREN HUDES

    Kerry, this is one of your better interviews. Thank you.
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    Re: Our connection to animals....

    The Native Americans considered all things to be from The Creator and to carry within it the divine spark of the creator. This includes plants, animals, rocks, mountains, the sky. Thus all things...
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    Re: What plants talk about

    All things here were created by the Creator and carry the divine spark of the Creator. That's why the Native Americans say this mountain is sacred, this hill is sacred, this or that is sacred. It...
  8. Re: Lloyd Pye (the Starchild skull caretaker) diagnosed with Cancer

    Tell him about Carnivora. Reagan used it to fight off colon cancer.
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    Re: I got the "Race Card" played on me.

    Race card has been used against me numerous times. It's generally by the lazy people who seek to evade responsibility for their (in)action on the job.
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    Easiest way to bring things to a halt is not pay the Eye Are Ess.
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    Re: Glass-Steagall Introduced in the Senate!

    I'm all for it with some reservation. How are the derivative losses to be divided? BoA already transferred trillions onto its savings branch. Are we to eat that big Sh-t Sammich for them?What of...
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    Re: Magneticman builds a flying saucer

    Can you make something bigger than a toy?
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    Re: Is there any hope left for me

    I knew a woman who lived in the projects with her two children. Determined to have a better life for her children, she went to school and volunteered at a clinic. She worked so hard they gave her a...
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    Re: Geodesic dome house.

    Monolithic. No Sheetrock. No fear of fire ants or termites. No dry rot.
  15. Re: R.I.P Jim Tucker - The (WORLD) Thanks You for 'Opening our Eyes' to BILDERBERG...

    RIP. Too bad he didn't live to see their fall.
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    Re: LOAN or SLAVERY ~ You decide

    I prefer calling it indentured servitude. That old 18th century institution has been restored.
  17. Re: Why was Jesus the only one who ever lived who had super powers?

    Having superpowers and having the wisdom to know when to use it are two distinct things. You don't use it to boost Your ego or to show off. You only use it to serve in the interest of the creator. ...
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    Only in the West do we discuss the "volatility" of gold. Other people, the Chinese in particular, are buying as much as they can. Their gold exchange ran out of the stuff. 25 tons is shipped from...
  19. Re: Major HAARP action in the Mid U.S. Right Now

    That explains the rain that wasn't forecasted for today.
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    Re: The real value of Gold

    The reason for US govt declaring gold as verboten does not exist today. We're not on the hold standard, gold certificates are not issued by the Fed Res and the dollar isn't tied to gold. Even if...
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