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    Re: DuckDuckGo, where's Project Avalon Forum?

    Interesting observations, thanks!

    When we eventually upgrade the forum software I have plans to do an SEO boost right after, should improve our visibility by quite a margin. Also Google prefers...
  2. Re: Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

    Just read an article on this subject earlier today. Seems this buzz is somewhat inaccurate or at least blown somewhat out of proportion.


    Like I have said before; If they want to...
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    Re: Windows 10 - DOOM

    There are no safe operating systems anymore, at lest not in widely used OS's that are online.

    The thing is, if someone with the right amount of resources want's to spy on you they will find a way...
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    Re: Trouble accessing Project Camelot website

    New website online now. I barely had any time in the past months to maintain and update the Project Camelot website because of work commitments.
    Somehow I now find myself in a position where I...
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    Re: Project Camelot Website Was Down (25 Feb 2015)

    Server had an unexpected shutdown, I have started the reboot process and it should be up and running again shortly.

    For the record it seems to be an issue at the web-hosts end, so I will need to...
  6. Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    All I really have to say about the above is that as it appears we are just seeing a bunch of unsubstantiated accusations.
    Honestly this really shows us more about the "players" (ref. above quote)...
  7. Re: Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    Hi folks,

    First of all I would like to say that I find it very refreshing to see a thread like this with very little polarization in it and most (if not all) of us here would like nothing better...
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    Re: SW Avalon meet up 2015

    Figured I would mention that there is Megalithomania happening in Glastonbury on May the 9th this year.
    The timing could perhaps be good for a SW meetup? And I can also really recommend their tours...
  9. Thread: Torrent is dead?

    by Tommy

    Re: Torrent is dead?

    Thanks for the repost Christine :)

    I want to point out that I have very mixed experiences with Vuze. I used to use it back in the day, but I ended up switching torrent client because it
    a) Ate up...
  10. Thread: Torrent is dead?

    by Tommy

    Re: Torrent is dead?

    Install an ad-blocker in your browser as it will likely remove a lot of the BS .exe downloads you are referring too.

    As for sites I use:, and the good old
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    Re: Star Trek: Enterprise Online - Season 3

    Thanks for posting this.

    Star Trek: Enterprise is perhaps (among many) the most underrated Star Trek series ever created. I for one found this show quite interesting cause it shown many more sides...
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    This is indeed interesting, at least in terms of what is in the public domain.

    In terms of Einstein's Theory of relativity, Einstein never concluded his relativity research, hence why it is called...
  13. Thread: David Icke 2014

    by Tommy

    Re: David Icke distances himself from "The People's Voice"

    Because some people appears to think TPV is broadcast as a TV station, I think it is worth pointing out that even though they got an OFCOM license they never aired on anything other than the...
  14. Re: Question for computer techs. or IP's - problem solving.

    What Operator states is the most likely solution for you. Most DSL/cable companies does indeed have dynamic IP's (some times changes after a modem reset), getting a dedicated IP is usually for...
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    Re: DId we just prove the start of AIs?

    Although I feel somewhat convinced we have AI's running in various projects that are advanced enough to be classified as "thinking" machines, I am not so sure this test really fits the bill after...
  16. Re: advertizing has changed the free flow of info

    True, and funny how it works. Yes, I also get annoyed by certain ad's like everyone else, but on the flip side we at Project Camelot would not be able to pay our hosting expenses and such without it....
  17. Re: Beam me up: Scientists say human teleportation is 'possible' as they transfer atoms three metres in groundbreaking experiment

    Thanks for posting this here

    I am really looking forward to the July experiment, if that works we are really looking at potential exponential development within first, IT and then likely within...
  18. Re: Kerry Cassidy has a "go" at Rich Dolan - on Whistleblower Radio

    Both Kerry and myself know Richard well, and we are all friends. We talk to each-other like this all the time, and Richard does not mind at all.
    He has also stated to me that he is trying to push...
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    Re: Official Netflix Recommendations Thread!

    Thanks for the thread, a good idea indeed :)

    Just a piece of advice, since the selection on Netflix greatly varies depending on which country you are in it might be a good idea to add which region...
  20. Re: Bruce Lipton & Tom Campbell explaining about everything there is to know

    Cool, thanks for posting :)

    I have actually got a diploma having completed the initiate Psych-K class, pretty amazing stuff and definitively works for me and the ones I have used the technique on....
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