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  1. Re: Buzzfeed Article re: Alex Jones sending child pornography to Sandy Hook parents

    Alex Jones may be a little unhinged, but he's not a monster. There's no way in hell he would send something as despicable as child pornography to anyone, let alone the Sandy Hook victims.

    This is...
  2. Re: Mysterious Cryptid Caught On Film By Colorado Springs Mom???

    I noticed that, and it would lend credence to the whole interdimensional thing you get with far/ET encounters.

    That being said, I think it was just the footage that was edited and put on a loop,...
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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    I'm going to go a little against the grain here.

    Something is 100% fishy about Tom DeLonge, Elizondo, and TTSA.

    To be fair, I haven't done heaps of research on it, so I'm only superficially...
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    Re: Must-Read Titles

    Hey, sorry for the late reply, promise I didn't snub you, just got unexpectedly swamped.

    When it comes to archaeology, any kind, really, that explores or at least seriously considers the...
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    Re: Must-Read Titles

    Ooh, thank you, Variant! I like the Level 3 idea, I'm actually going to add it in. As for the psychedelic's not all that off topic, really, considering how there's clearly an...
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    Re: Anyone here work with electronics?

    Hmmm...I might be able to help you (and don't worry about payment). I have a Pi hooked up to my TV, I use it as a one-stop emulator for retro console gaming.

    What do you need it in your vehicle...
  7. Re: Colorado takes steps to de-criminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms

    Hey, man. Cluster migraines are hell. I'm very saddened to hear you're suffering from it.

    I saw in this thread, you mentioning that psilocybin could help you. I understand it's illegal, and that...
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    Re: Must-Read Titles

    I agree completely. In fact, being raised in this internet age, the vast majority of what I've learned, I learned through various avenues of online research.

    But there's some great content to be...
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    Must-Read Titles

    Hey, everyone. I'm working on compiling a list of Must-Read books on the topic of UFOlogy and the various other fields it inevitably bleeds into (archaeology, folklore, etc. ). Then I figured, many...
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    Re: Donations for toddler with pneumonia

    I second what Swan says 100%. While antibiotics are highly over prescribed, resulting in super-resistant bacteria, they nevertheless are a miracle of mdern medicine and have saved countless lives. In...
  11. Re: RIP: Veteran Researcher BILL HAMILTON has passed, in October 2014.

    I had never heard of him, but I'm definitely going to check out some of his work now.

    Sad to hear he passed. I hope it was as peaceful as it could have been for he and his loved ones.
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    A VPN would be your best bet. Just set your location settings to seem like you're in the UK, and voila.

    An added benefit is also private browsing.

    Lemme know if you need help setting that up....
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    Poll: Re: Has anyone here had Candida and cured it?

    A visiting guest read this post, and sent me the following:


    I saw something posted and am not a member of your forum. She is treating the problem by treating it as a bacteria. Using...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    Happy birthday, Bill. Here's to many more.
  15. Re: Official Disclosure happened September 19th 2018 19:25:34 (EST)

    Q Anon is hardly official Disclosure. I mean, come on. Half the people on this forum don't believe Q to be fully genuine, so to expect the rest of the global population to be on board with whatever Q...
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    Re: Vitamin B17 laetrile as cancer cure

    Yup. Anyone that comes close to finding a cure (or finds one) gets the boot.

    It's just not profitable to cure people naturally.

    The sad part is a lot of people support it; in their eyes,...
  17. Re: What HAS Russia spotted in Earth's upper atmosphere?


    Y'know, there have been like 5 of those these past few months down where I am. They said it was transformers.

    Remember that happened in NYC too?


    Sounds to me like some...
  18. Re: Some Photos of Bill Ryan (PS: and Mara the dog)

    Ha. Back in 2013, I was driving through Cuenca in Pandora (my ancient 4x4) with three friends. We pulled up at a red light, right alongside a man walking down the sidewalk with a puppy on his...
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    Re: The last laugh

    I've always had a fun, crackpot theory that the super weird punctuation you see sometimes is some sort of secret calling card. Maybe they're aliens, posting on this forum to observe and learn our...
  20. Re: Some Photos of Bill Ryan (PS: and Mara the dog)

    Mara's adorable. She clearly loves you!

    Keep her safe. You never know what the next day will bring. And watch out for bees :)

    How did you and Mara come together, Bill? Was she a rescue? A stray?
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