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    Re: The inexplicable experiences of Chris Bledsoe

    A lot of people on YouTube ask the question, "If what she said was so important to humanity, why doesn't Chris tell us what she said? He just keeps beating around the bush."

    Most commentators say...
  2. When the Lion Wakes: The Global Threat of the Chinese Communist Party

    I want to bring to your attention some shocking information about the activities of the Chinese government. The source of this information is Quilette, an online news site that has been founded in...
  3. Re: "Why Human Enhancement is Necessary for Successful Human Deep-space Missions"

    Respectfully that sounds like more of the same to me with slighty better technology, we'd still be reliant on fossil fuels, fracking, mining & other unfavourable practices. For me prudence &...
  4. Re: "Why Human Enhancement is Necessary for Successful Human Deep-space Missions"

    Ample research suggests that there's food for 10bln people, that organic agriculture produces just as much as industrial agriculture (considering the aggregate of quality and quantity) and that...
  5. Re: "Why Human Enhancement is Necessary for Successful Human Deep-space Missions"

    The idea of technologically enhancing humans to enable them to go on deep-space voyages has been around for a while.

    It was first prominently proposed by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline in the...
  6. Re: What would you do ? If you get the chance for meeting God ?

    Reminds me of this famous koan by Linji Yixuan, "If you meet the Buddha, kill him."

    Here is an interpretation of what this means:

    How Do You Kill a Buddha?

    This particular koan has...
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    Re: Healing genital warts, and AIDS

    HIV/AIDS is a very dubious subject overall. I recommend AIDS Inc. by Jon Rappoport for anyone seriously interested in it.

    That genital warts and fibromyalgia story is quite flabbergasting!
  8. Re: Remote Viewing: Timeline until the Year 2100

    Yes. And let's all do our best :)
  9. Remote Viewing: Timeline until the Year 2100

    It's a tale of two timelines that was relayed to me by two old friends the other week. They're both my age and have been ernestly engaged in coordinate remote viewing since about a decade, and...
  10. Re: SURVEY / Is anyone for keeping weapons out of space ?

    Since governments/states are the greatest murderers (see "democide" or Carroll Quigley's Weapons Systems and Political Stability), I don't trust governments with anything, therefore I appreciate any...
  11. Re: The Information War is Over and We Have Lost

    That's exactly why major sites are censored. If you're looking for any topic on YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. — especially if it's a controversial topic — you will find very different...
  12. The Information War is Over and We Have Lost

    This is a recent video from James Corbett about the increasing censorship of major sites on the internet. The internet is changing substantially, right now.

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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    I wonder if the checkerboard patterns might simply be a result of planes flying on "grids" and the wind moving the trails of each plane with time.

    This is the "air grid" for the US.
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    Re: Mind The Corporate "Mindfulness"

    To me it looks as if humanity is gradually becoming more aware of and interested in meditative practices. That in and of itself looks like a good thing to me. Those who would like to control the...
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    Censorship is to restrict the flow of information. So, yes, Richard Dolan putting his information behind a paywall is censorship.

    The moral implications of censorship all depend on who, what,...
  16. Thread: Synarchy

    by christian

    Re: Synarchy

    I first though synarchy would have a meaning similar to communism, because it literally means "joint rule" or "common rule." This shows how arbitrary the interpretation of the literal meaning of all...
  17. Re: Good News: Sweden considers outlawing runes and Viking symbols

    Yes, because we all know how the LGBT community is nothing but a bunch of "ban fetishists". They get so aroused whenever they successfully have something 'wonderful' banned. They won't be happy till...
  18. Re: Good News: Sweden considers outlawing runes and Viking symbols

    Neo-Nazis should use the LGBT flag... Maybe then these ban fetishists would start to think twice.
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    Re: Slander, Scam and Cannabis

    The responsibility lies everywhere. Yet I would encourage everyone to focus on their own responsibility.

    Are you interested in drama and sensationalism, are you an armchair quarterback, are you...
  20. Re: Is failed disclosure due to our economy rather than fear of mass panic?

    We have not matured enough as a species to join the cosmic community. Disclosure wouldn't even change that. We'd still not be mature enough. Disclosure doesn't magically produce maturity.
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