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  1. Re: The world's first 'living robots' unveiled - and they can self-heal

    All the robotic nano tech fills me with angst. Even nanites are in chemtrails. Thus, wouldn't they translate to crops that we eat? I have heard that they are also slipped into vaccines.:help:
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    Re: Religion and gawd

    My contention is that religion was also created for controlling minds. I knew this as a young adult when I was told to confess my sins to a priest who would absolve me. Huh? Then later discovered...
  3. Re: Uptick in human trafficking and disappearances

    Thank you Bill. I may have missed that since drama took over for last years and now settled where my life will retire. Now I have not a theory but a remembrance of a whistleblower making mention that...
  4. Re: Ricky Gervais Takes No Prisoners At Golden Globes

    Agree these awards shows are as predictable as elections. The political bias is hardly tolerable. But Ricky Gervais makes is all tolerable. A laugh a minute because even though it is scripted by him,...
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    Re: Our health is at stake...

    My husband still has a nutrition practice and we practice what we preach. Since we live in the boonies in the high elevation of middle Tennessee we have to drive to get anything organic. You cannot...
  6. Re: 20 Predictions of 2020, how I sense it now 31-12-2019

    I didn't see anything on the list related to guns or gun control; second amendment rights. What is happening right now in Virginia is very disturbing. There is talk of a militia forming if the...
  7. Re: Uptick in human trafficking and disappearances

    I am with you aceninja on this. A very long time ago I read that there was a movement of children and disappearing ppl from the Michigan area in ships/boats across the lake that was nefarious. We can...
  8. Re: ROUNDUP .. Contaminants In Processed Brand Name Foods

    My husband likes the Lucy's GF cookies. Guess I will be throwing those out. How on earth does anyone know?
  9. Re: Project Camelot with Mark Richards #6 2017-apr-25

    I have watched all of the Mark Richards videos via Kerry. Of course it is a bullet point recall so we are missing the depth of each question. I am still gobsmacked that he is still in prison for...
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    Re: They're Trying to Kill Us!

    I do believe there is a culling of the herd and has been going on in increment, in cycles and none of us know when the next killing season will be. However, something interesting. My husband loves to...
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    Re: Shanghai in 2000 billion pixels

    Glad you made it back abmqa. So did my husband from Nam.
  12. Re: Alternative treatments for Hep. B, liver failure (HELP)

    Skyflower, your Mom is in crisis and I am appalled that the Medical community has given up. We do know that she is in deep failure, liver and kidney and that very well could be her demise. To inject...
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    Re: Shanghai in 2000 billion pixels

    So is it true that satellite or drone intel can actually read the numbers off a credit card from space? Or the year on a quarter?
  14. Re: ROUNDUP .. Contaminants In Processed Brand Name Foods

    There will still be the utterly stupid folks out there that pickup the Roundup at the local hardware store to kill off their weeds or critters without conscience. Even a family of patients of ours...
  15. Re: Update from Pete Peterson via David Wilcock 2017-apr-25

    My husband has been watching Truth Hunter with Linda Moulton Howe on Gaia and she explains about her contacts, whistleblowers identifying some non psychic groups of aliens who are just here to glean...
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    Re: How Reality Is Being Manufactured

    If we knew how reality was manufactured we would be inside the head of aliens who covet that technique. Or in some elevated state of consciousness we may get that answer. Remember Truman the movie?...
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    Re: Michael Aquino - Talks to Miles Johnston

    Aquino is a Satanist and has been all his professional life. I cannot believe he would undo a life long quest to spread his ick across the world. Unless there is a walk in somewhere taking over his...
  18. Re: Where Did Chief Joseph Get His Mesopotamian Tablet?

    Just some trivia. I knew the reincarnated soul of Chief Joseph in this lifetime. A well known psychic now passed told him back in the 70's. He is metaphysical but embedded in corporate America. We...
  19. Re: United passenger forcibly removed from flight after refusing to give up seat

    The MSM of course capitalized on this event, bringing in pundit attorneys and so forth. There will be a lawsuit no doubt. And God help this man if his practice is compromised over this. I am married...
  20. Re: What is Avalon's overall opinion on David Icke??

    If you recall, Diana hated her and called the bunch of them "lizzies".
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