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  1. Re: Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    Try to watch a video via the DuckDuckGo home page.
  2. Re: Smoking alcohol-they warn young people not to do it but show you how. Insanity

    The amount of booze he was going through would suggest it's far cheaper to drink it, plus this looks like a scam.
  3. Re: Full Doc..Channels 4 - Confessions of an Alien Abductee

    Hi, you could try going through a proxy like Hide My ass for example.
  4. Re: Alex Jones...Streaming Live from Bilderberg Watford 2013

    This has just been uploaded via y/tube with "The artist taxi driver"

  5. Re: Scott Wolter, the Kensington Runestone, the Knights Templar, and American Indians

    Interesting to note that Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett have tried explaining this to the world complete with the translation of the Coelbren inscription. There seems to be an agenda to divert away...
  6. Re: Russia to deliver arms to Syria as fears rise of proxy war

    Interesting to note is the city of London msm states that the missiles havn't arrived and Assad didn't mention them last night as they had expected. They went on to say it's unlikely that the...
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    Re: AVG FREE edition- BE AWARE!!!

    Excellent find.
    Far too many folk just download stuff willy nilly without fully reading or understanding the policy that intends to trap them into a contract & in turn signing away their freedom....
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    Re: The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

    Interesting second interview. By the sound of it the guy knew a lot more than he was letting on to, but there seemed to be confussion with the terminology that Kerry was using. This could be the...
  9. Re: Coconut oil improves brain function and cognition.

    Must be catching on as Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers (IRT) mentioned this elsewhere on Friday & asked her followers.

    She had a few answers from her...
  10. Re: Hillary Clinton is dying

    Isn't the eutimes linked in someway to Sorcha Faal/David L Booth?
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    Re: photo anomaly

    Looks like part of the wing from a Gargoyle. ;)
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    Re: Olympics 2012: What's up England..???


    Again I can't stress this enough.

    Briton is Not England. England is just one country of three that live on the same turf. Cymru, Alban (Scotland) & Lloegr (England) = 3 countries that make...
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    Re: Blank Youtube screens?

    Depends on what operating system you are using or even the browser now.
    Sounds like a Flash issue though...
  14. Re: The 'REAL heir to the THRONE' & KING of England dies in Australia at 71..!


    Define "Brits"?

    This is about the English alleged bloodline which is totally different to the bloodline of the Britons who are the Cymry. There are those who say the true bloodline is...
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    Re: Drake: Updates, clarifications and more

    It's only Bill that has (as usual) written anything decent about the whole thing.

    The rest of the alternative media is increasingly showing themselves to be a shower of ****.[/QUOTE]
  16. Re: Massive Bank and High Profile Resignations Across the World


    The same happend to me 3 times between 1990/91 over the poll tax. When I informed various organistions about this they screamed & still scream conspiracy theories. Ironic that 21/22 years...
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    Re: Drake: Updates, clarifications and more

    Are we now witnessing the Doppler effect as the predicted events & the predicted days have come & gone & not just by days, but now by months?

    Just what is wrong with this picture people?
  18. Re: 'God Particle' found - aka 'Higgs Boson Particle'


    It has nothing to do with a god / omnipotent being.

    It came from the particle being elusive, hence the curse, "goddamn particle".
    By all accounts it was th msm & Co who corrupted the...
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    Re: COBRA-'green Light Update'.

    Its time the people who are seekers of the truth, justice, equal rights etc took back the reigns & got back onto the path, for the moors is full of comedy which is burnining far too much time &...
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    Five Good Reasons To Believe in UFOs

    The drip effect perhaps?
    Not much for me to say on the article as its all been said before.


    Taken from the National geographic channel

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