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  1. Re: Signs Of Change Aug/Sept 2014 | Flood Of Extremes

    earth is a living thing , we will see extremes never see nor ever will be seen in history ... the words and prophecies of Henoch ...he predicted if we didn't change our thinking , many wars ,...
  2. Re: sun has gone a bit crazy. heat, light all different when chemtrails are not in sky

    I heard it said , all the metals they spray in their chemtrails , kill tiny microbes that live in the upper atmosphere whose job is they reflect harmful rays from the sun ... the whole reason the sun...
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    Re: First Ebola Case in US...your thoughts?

    It doesn't surprise me , the virus is mentioned in the Henoch writings as coming in the third millennium , he called it by name ... people should really read the writings of Edward Albert Meier , he...
  4. Re: Complex organic molecule found in interstellar space // Water on distant Neptune-sized planet

    imagine that , building blocks for life exist out in space ??? closer and closer , they will discover life did not originate on earth ...
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    Re: How You Define Love?

    Love is compassion in action ...
  6. Re: 9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress

    I suspect Israel was involved along with the CIA in the WTC destruction ... who benefits most of all if most Arab countries are entangled and degraded by war with the U.S. ??? They can't focus on...
  7. Re: 29 Sep 2014 - Cassini Watches Mysterious Feature Evolve in Titan Sea

    The EMV's have been terra forming Saturn and it's moons since the 70's ... with Saturns rings complete , now they place particles in the rings where they are exposed to cosmic bombardment , rays from...
  8. Re: Why is the USDA Buying Submachine guns?

    Every single government agency is arming themselves , they are preparing for martial law , once it is declared , you won't be able to get your hands on military grade weapons ...
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    Re: TWA 800 - what really happened (exactly)

    supposedly a spy was on board with stolen secrets , the navy shot it down ... the event was watched by the plejaren ...
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    Re: A World Without Money and Disease

    a planet 80 light years beyond the direction of the pleadies in a different space-time configuration , the home world of the ancestors of earth's god's of the past ...
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    Re: A World Without Money and Disease

    From the cradle to the grave , we are taught go to school , go to college , get a good job , save your money , put it in the bank for your retirement , they never included = the bank may be merged...
  12. Re: Russia at U.N. Accuses U.S. Allies of Bossing World Around

    It takes a Russian to speak truth to power , about the U.S. sticking it's nose in other countries affairs ... imagine , I agree with a Russian leader when it's concerns U.S. policy of foreign...
  13. Re: 400,000 yr Old Skeleton Reveals Alien DNA

    it proves what we know , and disproves what they try to sell to the public as fact ... the ancestors of the plejaren came to this system 389,000 years ago and found skeletal remains that dated back...
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    Re: The Controversial History of Moses

    The first five books of the Christian bible were supposedly written by Moses ... interesting that the whole world's first encounter to religion is based around the writings of Moses ... ever looked...
  15. Re: CDC Warns Universities to Prepare for Ebola Pandemic

    Ebola is one of the virus epidemics specifically named in the Henoch prophecies ... Henoch 9,000 years ago called it by name ... folks please read the writings , it will give you a glimpse of what is...
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    it is part of the robotic killing machines with AI that will be released on the people that the military will lose control of ... Henoch prophecies ... the war machine follows Henochs words like a...
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    Re: World War 3 has already begun

    When the super powers go head to head you can say we are at WW3 ... Russia , China , U.S. Great Brittan ... I still hope soldiers will wake up , choose not to kill other soldiers just because two...
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    Re: True face of World at War with Itself

    What is sad is like War is going to change anything , all it will do is cost some people their lives ... killing people doesn't solve the problems , more keep being born , humans still think...
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    Re: Okay, So Who are Malia and Sasha Obama?

    No wonder they keep presidents medical records from the public ... if he is sterile , no way he fathered two children ... I always thought both children look nothing like their parents ... If there...
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    Re: BS on ISIS Airstrike

    also men in the middle east knowing War since birth , would never put a huge piece of artillery in wide open so it can be seen easily by aircraft , soldiers would go out of their way to conceal the...
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