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  1. Re: Protons have become 4% smaller! Is our reality shifting?

    The comments on the webpage from the above link are so obviously a canned, computer generated bunch of gobbledy-gook. It's pretty comical to read them and notice how they all almost have nothing to...
  2. Re: Rothschild Takes Down Malaysian Airliner MH370?

    You cannot read or share Snopes if you want to be taken seriously. For example, Snopes supports the official explanation of 9/11, as well as many other government and media lies. They are...
  3. Re: Rothschild Takes Down Malaysian Airliner MH370?

    I read where this story originally floated around as an email purporting to be the truth. I believe there is some liberty being taken with the truth here. Mainly, none of the people listed on the...
  4. Re: RT: BBC News Caught Staging FAKE Chemical Attack In Syria!

    This is just another example of the lies fed to people via the mass media. Sandy Hook being the other more recent 'obvious' example. Time to spread this around virally.
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    Re: To rent an appartement or to buy a house

    I live in Ontario too and I just got out of a house and have decided to rent for a year to see how the market plays out. Interest rates are bound to go up and I don't want to take the chance. Found a...
  6. Re: Article claims Russians suspect HAARP caused recent earthquake in Crimea (Ukraine) region

    I think it is obvious from how I worded the post that I was skeptical. It was an actual earthquake but more the variety that leaves people saying "Was that an earthquake?" Lol! Thought it might be...
  7. Article claims Russians suspect HAARP caused recent earthquake in Crimea (Ukraine) region

    Here is the unsourced and anonymous article that makes the claim.

    Interesting times and interesting concept. We have long discussed these tactics on...
  8. Re: COINTELPRO 2.0 confirmed: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet (Snowden GCHQ docs confirm)

    With all due respect Bill, I would say your confidence in the "firewall" is not fully thought through. Would it really be difficult to believe that someone could sit and observe this forum and gain...
  9. Re: There are agents among us! Here is how they work...

    Mods: Just realized this is a duplicate thread and could either be deleted or merged with mountain_jim's thread
  10. Re: There are agents among us! Here is how they work...

    Here are some interesting quotes from the article

    "The broader point is that, far beyond hacktivists, these surveillance agencies have vested themselves with the power to deliberately ruin...
  11. Re: The Avalon Project at Yale - What did Aristotle know

    Hey Deadfoot. I was just recently introduced to some of the material you posted above and have only begun to work my way through it. I believe you are looking at a document that explains in...
  12. There are agents among us! Here is how they work...

    Here is an interesting article that discusses the tactics and methods used by covert agents to discredit and lead us astray in our research.
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    Sticky: View Post

    Bonsoir tous le monde. J'aime cette chanson Nat_Lee! J'aime tous les affaires des Ninja! Je dois practiquer ma francais plus souvent. J'apprecie que vous avez me donnez une opportunite. Ca c'est...
  14. Anyone familiar with the videos regarding the Mayan Calendar by Ian Xen Lungold

    I watched this video for the first time many years ago and came across it again when a friend and I started sharing videos. A great source of information for learning about the characteristics and...
  15. Re: William Cooper destroys nazi caller in debate! Have you guys heard this? Awesome!

    That was absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing this.

    You can hear how this still young man wanted out of the horrible life he was living and Mr. Cooper reminded him that he still had a choice....
  16. Re: Very funny Alex Jones show w/ Max Keiser- JPMorgan, Facebook, Kissinger & fart cl

    Fingering a pineapple!!! I haven't laughed so hard in a while!
  17. Re: How we all have built our puzzle and what are your pieces?

    Very poetic! Thanks for sharing. You were the pieces of the puzzle you found.

    You are the pieces that make you the whole. There is no piece that is greater than the whole and yet, if you find a...
  18. Re: So its looking like all the buzz around 2012 means nothing.

    The danger of getting trapped into all these date related predictions is that they are almost always wrong! Don't get caught up in one mans predictions as no one knows all the answers and no one...
  19. Re: How we all have built our puzzle and what are your pieces?

    Awesome! The thread title I chose was a perfect way to have you share that with us... I can really relate to many of your experiences. Thanks so much!
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    Re: I hate Retail! Trying to change jobs.

    I hope good fortune finds you on the path you have chosen!

    Is it normal for companies to do drug tests in order to work there? There are some security sensitive positions that require this but...
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