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    Re: What happened early this morning

    For what its worth, Iv also experienced this....awake and sleeping both.... Robert Duncans work is deep....
  2. Thread: Edgar Cayce

    by thunder24

    Re: Edgar Cayce

    ask sorry i couldn't help it
  3. Re: German train axe attack, 18 July 2016: 4 seriously injured

    so is radical...anything you say
  4. Re: Military coup in Turkey: 'coup attempt' by part of army fizzled

    exactly my thoughts
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    Re: Avalon - The gathering of 33 Bloodlines...

    on a whim today i was searching for stories of giants in europe and the rest of the world, not america and came across this article.......
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    Re: How Money and the lure of it Corrupts us

    the bold is exctly what i was just discussing with another avalon member staying with me at the moment.
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    Re: How Money and the lure of it Corrupts us

    One does have to look at all the consequences of realeasing a technology like this. However, with that in mind, one can not wait on humanity to be in a perfect place mentaly and emotionally to do...
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    Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 5 July 2016

    forgive my ignorance, what do you mean by that "war declaration"?
  9. Re: Two explosions at Istanbul airport, many killed

    both of you thankyou, i didn't know how to respond
  10. Re: The Serpent, the Black Sun, HPB & St. Germain

    why not stop philosphying what some one else said or wrote and live whats in your heart.... stopp reading and talking...start doing...
  11. Re: Elon Musk Nails it: We are living in a computer simulation

    my answer is - PROBABLY its not a simulation. Alternatively- it may be - an AI operated fish tank. That would be because the 'AI' is a soul-less intelligence that wishes to understand more about...
  12. Re: Switzerland - World's Longest Tunnel Opens with Satanic Ritual

    can we define gods, for the people also...?
  13. Re: Elon Musk Nails it: We are living in a computer simulation

    great thread, and loving seeing the responses, for the reasons of definitions of certain words and seeing the agreement and balking within the conversations by preconcieved understanding of these...
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    a fellow avalonian just sent this to me, they said it was in the classifieds of their newspaper
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    Re: Empathy and Psychic connection

    are you saying psychic connections and empathy are a tool used by the programers but can also be used to heal...or that empathy and psychic connections are actually nefarious as part of the matrix? ...
  16. Re: North American west coast earthquake activity
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    Oppenheimer commercial-robots
    Yesterday I went to my buddies bar and while sittingthere noticed a commercial on the Fox news channel. This is that commercial... and it just kinda...
  18. Re: North American west coast earthquake activity

    i am aware of dutch's work, but still why is the west coast showing so much small activity? i hope i explained my questions and thoughts clearly....cause according to the maps it is odd, to my...
  19. North American west coast earthquake activity

    Through the day I often check the earthquake maps on usgs the controversy of usgs maps). Iv noticed that for weeks and probably prior there...
  20. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update 5/23/16 Khazarian mafia Head Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild threatened

    Message reads:
    25 May 2016:The Rothschilds have contacted the White Dragon Society so the 1 ton gold offer has been suspended. Negotiations are proceeding.
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