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    Re: From Bill Ryan -- the Ultimate Hypothesis

    Quoting enough for context and commentary.

    I left out the Dan Burisch material above because I agreed with it in theory and disregarded the details as summaries and portraits.

    We live in...
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    Re: Welcome to The Pub At the End of the Universe.

    I keep my mainstay body point for navigating above a well worn saloon a few thousand thoughts passed the border. Its a cheap room, free actually seeing as I can tolerate the owner and clean the...
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    Re: What's with Drunvalo?

    I get a kick out of Drumvalo.
    Not sure if I am down with the pole shift.
    In this world their is a spirit family of dreamers.
    A society of knowers as the outer transfer shells.
    They switch back...
  4. Re: Is it possible that realities for people will split within different dimensions?

    Well said... now can you tell me... how do I get to where I'm going... I lost my map. :)[/QUOTE]

    You funny!
    That is how we get there.
    Toss the old map and methodically draw another.

    I shall...
  5. Re: Is it possible that realities for people will split within different dimensions?

    A discussion on the dynamics of group destiny verses individual destiny.
    First conflict is The Eternal Vs. The Infinite which I translate in 3D as Liberty Vs. Equality.
    People avoid duality because...
  6. Re: My... "Thy Will be Done" moment please don't be mad

    1. Stay Sober avoid The Seventh Heaven - Spiritual Bliss Overload.
    2. Place your orbs ships crowns and bridges of light on the sky-table.
    3. Don't fall for the narrative drama of a small planet in...
  7. Thread: Heads Up

    by Intraphase

    Re: Heads Up

    When I met the lovely lady a couple of weeks ago she said, those who dont love me may

    only blame themselves. Lets do it my way now. ROFLOL

    Get it Nuggets?[/QUOTE]

    We reap what we sow....
  8. Re: The mists of Avalon...? (The case of Edward Alexander)

    He lost me when he claimed to know the exact circumstances of Jesus's ordeal 2012 years ago. His claim being that Jesus survived the cross and was nursed back to health before appearing once again to...
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    Re: The Triangle Theory

    A logic based summary paraphrasing the ten episodes of:

    Covering Cantor Boltzman Godel & Turings journey wrestling with:

    The Continuum - Probability - Incompleteness =...
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    Re: The Road I Walk and the Message I Carry!

    You have good writing skills; pacing, plot arc,
    use of descriptive and good overall general rhythm of presentation.

    Life is tough sometimes and sorrowful.
    This is a dream story hiding a self to...
  11. Re: Ancestor Simulation are we living in a computer simulation?

    The Matrix was an early stage of dealing with life as "Information Processing Information" The Architect and Neo are the same person. When Neo not only defies the Architect but comes up with a...
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    Re: The Cry of Gaia

    Video portraiture.
    Bill & Inelia meet Aubrey at The Core.
    Bill & Inelia meet The Machine at The Boundary.
    The spirit of peyote rides along guided by The Trickster.
  13. Re: PROJECT CAMELOT: BARRY KING - BLACK OPS - (new interview from Kerry)

    A lot of sound cards have an "echo cancellation" switch buried in the sound cards section tabs.
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    Re: Is all of the Earth Israel?

    the Catholic Church presents Christ as the Spirit within in the Eucharist ; )[/QUOTE]

    If creation is a system of operations and operators of creative tools then certain indexes and...
  15. Re: COMET hits JERUSALEM (Computer Generated Images)

    If you want to go for a really scary ride try this trick.
    Travel backwards in time by viewing the full aftermath first.
    Then strap on your electric mohair boots as a rider on the storm.
    A survivor...
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    Poll: Re: A What-If Savior Scenario

    So, if you don't mind my asking, how would this affect your decision in this particular scenario?[/QUOTE]

    I'll answer your question with a similar question.
    Why couldn't question two be...
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    Re: Inelia's full interview now published

    Dream Awake

    There's a point to all this dreaming
    To every man his just dessert's
    And every time I caught you leaving
    I had to dream awake, I had...
  18. Re: Disputing Reptilian "Shapeshifters"? Care to "Meet" One?

    Hi Persephone & Welcome...

    I think of this linear world as a clock.
    If it happened here it has really happened somewhere else as a recorded time weight. The Reptilians have 250 beads of time...
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    Re: Inelia's full interview now published


    I noticed that too; at 01:36:16.
    A very distinct "Stop staring at my ass."
    Probably somebody's future self, body jumping a squirrel's time slice.
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    Poll: Re: Banning for misalignment

    At the point where an open and pending operating system decision is made based on a dynamic poll of the entire volume of the operating systems storage capacity the viability of the operating system...
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