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    Re: UFO channels that are known to hoax

    so Secureteam 10 is a hoax channel? i didn't know that and i'm subscribed to him too, can anyone recommend a decent ufo channel instead?
  2. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    Nah, not for a while anyway.

    VR is way to immersive for public consumption, you are completely cut off from your surroundings & as such you won't see VR head sets far from the home or a...
  3. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    strangely virtual reality is really taking off now, sony, samsung and htc have built their own consumer version of VR, i think when it gets to a point when they get inside our brains i think they...
  4. Re: Angelica Zambrano dead for 23 hours, taken to hell and heaven by Jesus

    True in some instances only… not all.
    I have been fortunate to do rescue work in the 'astral' since I was 27 and have helped many many humans cross over from body death when stuck due to fear or...
  5. Re: Why are people so busy playing with their smartphones?

    warning, this video may be disturbing for a few people but it's a warning for people who continue to not pay attention to their environments.
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    Re: First Gene-Edited Dogs Reported in China

    They are already testing this on humans behind closed doors i bet.
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    Re: Question for forum: cremation or burial?

    cremation is the best way imo, your body is just a shell for this physical plane, although your body is the only thing the people you left behind can interact with i understand that but cremation...
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    Re: Former MTV/BET Producer Whistleblower

    very interesting about eve and jay-z i've heard about the gay agenda in hip hop, crazy stuff.
  9. Re: Adaptable robots 'on their way' to the home ....... AI Tech (DeepMind) Concepts are coming together.

    they can go to hell, i'm not putting **** inside my brain that is for sure, but he's right about the banks and shops, all the banks now have self service machines now and it's 2015.

    i think the...
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    Re: Do Demons exist?

    Yes, there is a balance in everything, good/bad dark/light etc.
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    Re: We do not exist in a single one reality

    Good post tc, i came to the same conclusion from personal experience aswell, we are living in multiple dimensions at the same time, i notice these changes when my reality shifts in real time, like...
  12. Re: Warp Drive Confirmed? EMDrive Warp Field Works In A Vacuum

    exactly, when i read about NASA discovering warp drive technology by "accident" i knew it was BS, of course they knew about it all along, they probably don't even use warp drive technology anymore...
  13. Re: Peter Lindemann: "We've been lied to about almost the nature of everything"

    so if my laptop or space is black what color is it really? black and white are not supposed to be a colour, does this info from Peter Lindemann explain why some people are born colorblind, what if we...
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    Re: Derren Brown - your take on him?

    why hasn't anyone picked up that derren brown uses mk ultra techniques? look up the secret assassin/spy episode, one guy in this topic is right, he knows insider info and is using it for...
  15. Re: MSM: THE 1st person who will live to be 1,000 years old may already have been born..!

    exactly betoobig, who wants to stay in this hell hole for a 1000 years, no thanks.
  16. Re: Large Hadron Collider at CERN fired up after 2-year break

    it's like history is repeating itself...
  17. Re: Aliens in History, Angels and Demons, Something Different this Way Comes

    i came to that conclusion about the aliens myself and the whole thing around them, they are fallen angels and there is much more deep background we don't know about them yet, the whole conspiracy...
  18. Re: The False light campaign and the inner Earth Dracos

    so hmm, why do tibetan monks/Buddhist also tell disciples to not fall into to reincarnation trap? is that nonsense aswell? by all means do as you wish and keep coming back here over and over for...
  19. Re: Asks the question: Is the Earth the insane asylum of our Galaxy?

    yes, we are also quarantined, no soul can go past the milky way, there is a barrier to stop us going further.
  20. Re: The False light campaign and the inner Earth Dracos

    thanks for the video hangel, i watched all of it and it's very complex and diverse when it comes to our universe and all other universes, lots of good info in there.
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