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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    I edited this post, but will repeat this

    I dislike name calling...some harsh slings have been made in some post, that can be very hurtful, cult, Nazi, sad.
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    Re: If there were no borders anywhere

    I think there is too many greedy people in the world for open borders and migration.
    One area would be depleted of all resources, then they would move on and deplete another area. The next group...
  3. Re: Another vicarious adventure, and another Avalon Cairn (for the Wawa Grande, this time)

    Ahh seeing her run around happy as can be, just made me so
    happy. Glad she is feeling good. YOu both look great.
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    Re: Navigating the collapse

    Ron I have your site bookmarked, lots of good info there if
    anyone is interested.
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    Arig I live in east Tn....and we sure have our share of chem trails.

    Sorry if I missed the point of this post..
    I do feel the polar shift could be contributing to a lot of this as well.
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    Re: UFO on flight back from YVR (Vancouver)

    The pink in the blue orb looks like a face to me when enlarged.I see
    the forehead and two eye sockets.
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    I think I am in the beginning stages of fibromyalgia as well, my joints and muscles
    seem to ache more than usual. Also having a hard time keeping my energy level
    up. Not only that but was...
  8. Re: Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    PS....thank you all for the help.
  9. Re: Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    Well I have Vivaldi browser on my PC, so tried watching videos from
    the Youtube site, and bingo.....they played just fine. So now at least I can watch.

    I was using google chrome...and with that...
  10. Re: Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    I don't have a google account at all, and never have.
    I did empty the cache, cookies, and history as Bill suggested.
    I do run windows 7. Thank you all for the suggestions.

    If it is a glitch...
  11. Re: Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    Bill, I did all you suggested and still can't seem to get
    the Youtube videos to play....have no idea what is going on.
    I can view videos posted here on Avalon with no trouble....maybe "they" don't...
  12. Re: Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    Thanks Arig, and Bill I will try all of the suggestions and let you know, thanks.
    Oh and Arig I am a she.
  13. Seems I am not allowed to watch Youtube videos

    I have not been able to watch any youtube videos for about a week now.
    It keeps tell me to log in, which it had never before. I never put videos on youtube, only go there to anyone else...
  14. Re: Bill Ryan live interview on Monday night 11 March, 8 pm US Pacific time

    Great show Bill, I enjoyed every bit of.
    The sharing of stories...great.
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan

    Well it looks like we have something in common Bill,
    We share the same birthday.

    Happy Birthday to you, and thank you for Avalon.


    Mine is the we are close.
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    Re: The Future of Internet Forums

    Thank you Savannah, you wrote exactly how I feel as a new member....but I do enjoy lurking, liking others post, and jump all around Avalon, reading and learning, I am an avid reader of books and most...
  17. Re: UFO footage? Filmed at my farm on January 6, 2019

    Very interesting, and the object was moving very fast.
    I had to replay it over several times, but it does look like some sort
    of craft (metallic) to me.
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    Wishing you each and everyone a very Happy New Year 2019
    So glad to now be a member of the Avalon Community.
  19. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Thank you Bill, this has been a most interesting thread
    and I have learned quiet a bit from it.

    I have one question please for you Bill, or anyone else.

    Who is this "Charles" I have seen...
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    Re: Canning Tomatoes

    I enjoy gardening, I usually can up enough green beans to last from season to season.
    I also can a lot of tomatoes, cucumber pickles, and peppers. Several kinds of jams and jellies.
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