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  1. Re: Clinton Foundation closing down ?

    well now under the pretense of being 'sickl' she can now go into hiding in the amazon.
  2. Re: Finland experiments with financial freedom with its citizens

    I can say that without a shadow of a doubt that if this was available to me. I would take it.

    Maybe I have a different view, but I believe that the majority of people without the overbearing...
  3. Re: I Think Something Has Gone Wrong With Our Timeline...

    I have been thinking along these lines also. Maybe something went right. Everyone knows Hillary and the Clinton in general are doing some horrific things, and don't forget, for the past 30 odd years...
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    I think that people's view of 'the internet' has become narrowed because of youtube and facebook etc. There are a lot of different ways that you can access information on the web outside of these...
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    Re: The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behavior

    Certainly gives her a get out of jail free card... pun intended.
  6. Re: I had the "census knock" this morning, it's that time again, fellow Aussies...

    I have also asked this question Heather, and I don't think that they legally can fine you. I came across this information earlier today:

    The Census and Statistics Act only gives the Statistician...
  7. Re: Top Financial Analyst: "Banks are insolvent"

    Am I correct in assuming that in the myriad of terms and conditions of bank accounts, the bank can call for any debts at any time to be paid within a specific time frame?

    If so, and they are all...
  8. Re: KickassTorrents down: Feds have seized domains and arrested owner

    thumbs up for dont have to download, just stream. has alot of current movies and series.
  9. Re: Benjamin Fulford Update, 5 July 2016

    Ben.. should have his own comedy show. by saying we will capture and then kill them and everyone else in their bloodline, just wont work. if they have survived this far without any assasinations they...
  10. Re: FBI: Will not indict Clinton - Surprise, Surprise

    She was never ever going to get indicted. No matter how damning the evidence. Everyone knows the corruption. Just need to find a way, or a bunch of people to bring it down... have to think of it like...
  11. Re: F*Ck Society...Australia Rigged Election or People Stupid?

    I think a hung parliament is the best outcome at the moment. And I absolutely love the make up... We have Pauline Hanson, Nick Xenephon , Bob Katter, and Derryn Hinch... I mean... nothing it going to...
  12. Re: Greenpeace Leaks 13 of 17 Chapters of the TTIP Document

    you dont succeed in business if you don't learn how to play the game.
  13. Re: Australia NSW Government Parody Anti-Marijuana Campaign Ads

    The first time I saw this I laughed so hard... either everyone that came up with it was totally baked, or they have never done it before in their lives. such a waste a of money. but totally...
  14. Re: Allow David Icke Entry Into Australia To Tour In 2016

    This country is going downhill fast and we need people like David here to open peoples eyes a little. The government is destroying everything.
  15. Re: Anonymous declares war on ISIS : 5,500 accounts taken down, personal info leaked

    I love how ISIS has their own twitter feeds and facebook pages... Calling Dr Evil.
  16. Re: Benjamin Fulford, November 17, 2015

    Regradless of crisis actors or staged events, these events also take out innocent people with real families. Simply to make it real. the % I am unsure of, but there were real people at that venue who...
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    Re: Did the Pope really say this?

    Beware of the Pope...

    This is moving away from traditional religion, so to bring about the world religion... This is one of the final parts of the puzzle. Be very careful where you place your...
  18. Re: Benjamin Fulford, August 11th, 2015

    Same ol stories... And the world is bigger than the US Ben.
  19. Re: The Blog of The Ruiner - Inside the Illuminati Mind

    My question is, how will this 'choice' be presented? Sure, the table may be even... but will it still be the same table?

    What I am saying, is that do we get the choice free of the binds we have...
  20. Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    i would like to add Rpert Murdoch to this list of people to 'take dirt naps'
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