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    Re: Stop5G Activists Purge?

    I volunteered and am now a moderator on the Stop5G Facebook group. Basically giving a hand to the admins. Hopefully everything will be in the same place when you get back John :)

    Hope to see you...
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    Re: An experience in Peru

    I have a feeling that people didn't get that Peter UK was actually quoting David Icke and his own (DI) experience...

    edit: Actually, just realized it was Yiakum that got me confused :)
  3. Thread: Steins;Gate

    by gs_powered

    Re: Steins;Gate

    Probably Rurouni Kenshin and Clanad. Aso enjoyed a lot Sword Art Online (been a gamer myself) and Assassination Classroom just for the parody :D
  4. Re: Incredibly significant presidential statement

    RB: (19 min) "Where have we created Democracy? Nowhere, not in a single place. Have we improved Human rights? Nowhere, not a single place. Where have we achieved one significant thing of geopolitical...
  5. Thread: Steins;Gate

    by gs_powered

    Re: Steins;Gate

    Here's one :)

    Absolutely loved watching this show, in my top 3 series no questions asked! I even got emotional towards the end, in virtue of the storyline at that point...

    Thank you for this!
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    Re: Chinese trade deficit with the US

    I wouldn't discard anything at this point. If you look at it, China is way ahead of the rest of the world in what matters to totalitarian control over their population, not only the social credits...
  7. Re: Project Veritas: 'CNN Insider Blowing the Whistle on his Own Network'

    yup, sounds a bit nervous... let us all, umm.. just... erm... let us just do our jobs :)
  8. Re: Are the California wildfires a staged event?

    At minute 8 there's a reference to November the 3rd, I believe it's a missing reference from this post :)
  9. Re: Sulforaphane - the miracle compound you've never heard of - maybe

    This thread made me go and germinate seed for the 1st time in my life, thank you for that as I'm loving this! :inlove:

    Using mason jars to sprout organic brocolli seeds. As soon as good to go...
  10. Re: Why the Russians classified a rotating weightless wingnut: they thought the Earth might flip

    Or just try at home with your remote, these days there should be a few around the living room :D

    I played tennis in my youth, and did all sort of things with my raquet, funny how I never wondered...
  11. Re: Reserve US Marines activated in claimed imminent US coup attempt

    Carl Sagan did mention once: "You have to know the past to understand the present." :amen:
  12. Re: Paralyzed man walks using brain-controlled exoskeleton

    Could be me, but I'm already imagining armed robots in theatre of war being controlled by operators in a far away land, using 5G or efen faster zero latency communication methods...

    Still, glad to...
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    Re: Are ETs Benevolent or Malevolent?

    Well, that just brings us closer to the matrix reality then :)
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    Re: Should I comment?

    I've been thinking on how every new piece of technology keeps making us more self reliable and independant, and ultimately in no need of "real" connections...

    Loved your chart btw :)
  15. Thread: Racism

    by gs_powered

    Re: Racism

    I believe the US have the highest regards for teachers as a society stone. I'm thinking back to the presidential speech regarding the civil representant on the Challenger, a female teacher...

  16. Re: Silent Skies: Billions of North American Birds have Vanished

    Or regarding 5G technology for that matter...
  17. Re: Julian Assange arrested after Ecuador tears up asylum deal

    Wasn't there a case in April this year when a Spanish reporter was asking for 3 million in exchange for audio/video captured inside the embassy?
  18. Sticky: Re: The scientific works of the greatest inventor of all times: Nikola Tesla - AVAILABLE.

    After all this time I'm happy to have found this torrent "around" and see that it is still working :)

    Thanks everyone!
  19. Re: The morning stars [Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Karma]

    Thank you greybeard, I'm building quite the video library on Edgar Cayce thanks to you :)
  20. Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    Here in Aveiro, Portugal, there has been spraying for the past 2-3 days but in fact occurs early in the morning, I leave home at 8:00 and still see some.

    Strangely today by noon, a portion of the...
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