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    Re: Very Few People Can Actually Think

    Epistemology has always been my favorite branch of philosophy, I know this sounds a little pretentious, so I will call on your generosity and ask that you suspend your tendency to instantly judge...
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    Re: Life Created from Anti-Matter?

    I can recommend the work of a man who died in 1995, this man is overlooked by the science establishment because his ideas were confrontational to the authoritarian groups who constitute mainstream...
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    Re: Creating a Culture of Degenerates

    Postmodernism is a type of Nihilism in my book.
    The flourishing of post modernist analysis of culture has enabled the removal of previously venerated moral structures, the perspective of post...
  4. Re: Tom DeLonge and 'Sekret Machines': Is Disclosure Going Mainstream?


    Have you seen this yet guys? U.s Navy confirms gun camera footage-AND this Sunday we can expect a Bombshell announcement concerning Extra Terrestrial contact...what?
    Amazing if true,...
  5. Re: Are goodlooking people often a**holes? And why does Hollywood always seem to ruin good books?

    Hollywood seem to have produced very 'abridged' versions of the classics-I remember seeing 'Jane Eyre' the one where Aldous Huxley wrote the screenplay 1943, and 'How Green was my Valley' as typical...
  6. Re: Independent Nurse Practitioner's straight scoop on medicines

    Yes, the blood pressure question is interesting, I was on Coversyl for a time, but I am not on anything currently, I eat a lot of Garlic/chilli and I walk regularly, this suits me better. A bit of...
  7. Re: Surviving the 2020 Recession, Climate Change.

    Survival has always been about skills. As for 'Climate Change' I think we need to determine that our climate is a variable set of processes, the climate was not designed, or engineered for the human...
  8. Re: Mathew Stein: Scientist/Engineer who was inspired to write a survival book by ET

    I got myself a copy of this book, there is something about it which resonates with me, it is very good and it thoroughly covers every aspect of existence in highly practical and readily useful terms....
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    I did not experience anything in the Perth metropolitan area, but this is some distance from the reported earthquake's location.
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    Re: TRUMP on ALIENS - TONIGHT 5 Jul 2019 !!

    In practical terms, I think Trump is not really in the position to comment, this topic is well outside of his personal brief, to promote and reanimate the American nation as being a significant world...
  11. CIA Senior Medical Officer Kit Green claims Alien Autopsy Footage is Real

    The famous Roswell Autopsy video, which was admitted as being 'fake' by its creator has been claimed to be real after all.

    I have zero knowledge of this, but it is interesting, here is the article...
  12. Re: Trump was briefed on the Navy's UFO incidents but doesn't believe in UFOs

    Trump, well we know very well he is a seemingly 'innocent' man of practical measures, but his great strength is this appearance of impatience with official-speak
    this is the communication of his...
  13. Re: 'UFO Shoots Down Helicopter' (a Tom DeLonge Tweet)

    I don't like the TTSA approach one little bit, they talk down to the audience and assume people fit the
    'Normie' demographic as a default position, plus their entire focus is militaristic and...
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    Re: BOB LAZAR - Cosmic Whistleblower

    Bob has definitely suffered from the doubters, Stanton Friedman seemed to think he was telling tall tales, but my own instincts tell me that Bob is authentic.
    I share Bill's reservations about ...
  15. Re: We Need An Alternative Independent Platform To YouTube

    There are some alternatives BitChute, Brighteon, Minds, Gab. i think there are in fact quite a few options, but of course the big problem is marketing these, and shifting the habits of 10's of...
  16. Re: The Replication Crisis Beginning With False Positive Psychology

    Well, this is interesting. I have been a voyager on the vast ocean of questions that is 'true science'.
    I think what happened was that Science has been misunderstood by the 'lay community' for many...
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    Re: Tom DeLonge Quotes

    It is clear the recent disclosure efforts have been directed from the military/industrial contractor complex, and the intelligence rogue elements (apparently) something definitely feels 'off' about...
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    Re: News media reporting more about UFOs

    This from the New York Post on YouTube, with our old friend Nick Pope once again.

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    Re: RICHARD DOLAN's Assessment - Important

    Yes, I agree. The official position is definitely a part of this current striving to once again control the narratives. We are seeing ever increasing attempts to discredit and label all of the...
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    Re: Preparing for an Alien Invasion?

    Yes Bill, the whole emphasis is based on these craft being able to enter 'restricted air space' with impunity, their activity in shutting down nuclear missile installations, and so forth. Because the...
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