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  1. Re: Catalan Referendum: Catalonia has 'won right to statehood' but 'not seeking traumatic split'

    Just a quick update.

    9 Catalan separatist leaders have been jailed for 100 years for taking part in a symbolic non-binding referendum.

    This has angered a right wing faction of the Spanish...
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    Re: The UK Brexit vote to leave the EU

    The problem with Brexit is NOT Europe it is Britain. It is Britain and its Prime Minister who has lost 7 out of 7 votes, lost a bi-election quicker than any other PM, lost in the supreme courts, lied...
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    I'd rather be lucky than good

    Many famous singers, actors, sports stars and celebrities talk about getting a lucky break. Being at the right place at the right time. We know luck will always run out but sometimes luck can be...
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    Re: The 2nd English Civil War


    What was promised is undeliverable and what is deliverable is undesirable.

    There’s not much more to it.

    I fully understand this theme that the EU is just Rothschilds, Nazi or NWO....
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    Re: The 2nd English Civil War

    A civil war is brewing, especially now the majority of British citizens now wish to stay! They did not vote for food and medicine shortages, delays to cancer treatment, massive job losses, businesses...
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    Documentary Room 237 explores the possibility that Kubrick´s film the shining, was a confession to helping fake the moon landing.
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    Re: The 'censorship' discussion

    1. The Q thread is not the first thread to be moved to members only!
    2. The reaction is understandable but with time I believe it may be best. (Time will tell)
    3. This is not censorship! Anyone...
  8. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences

    Firstly I watched the interview at the start of the thread, a fascinating listen.:happythumbsup:

    An Irish gentleman posted a fascinating encounter he had with a man on a bus but has since deleted...
  9. Re: Aliens Among Us...A Thread for Personal Experiences


    ‘I Saw A Transformation I Can’t Explain’

    “Let’s just say I was with somebody once, and I saw a transformation I can’t explain.”

    Howard asked, “The person transformed into...
  10. Re: Handbook for Space Pioneers, is this book for real?

    Could you please upload some pages for us to all look at please!
  11. Re: 4 Times the US Threatened to Stage an Attack and Blame it on Iran

    Gulf crisis: US confirms drone was shot down by Iranian missile

    A US military surveillance drone has been shot down by Iranian forces while flying over the Strait of Hormuz.

    Iran's Islamic...
  12. Re: 'UFO Shoots Down Helicopter' (a Tom DeLonge Tweet)

    The dark journalist just released a scathing attack of TTSA.

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    Re: Beautiful Nature pics



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    Re: The beauty and the pain of being human. Images.


  15. Re: Gravitational anomaly discovered weighing down surface of moon

    Or, maybe the tractor beam theory is the cause. An unidentified force such as a a tractor beam, which is a device with the ability to attract one object to another from a distance.
  16. Re: Termed "The UFO Leak Of The Century" by R. Dolan: The Notes between Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson

    Richard Dolan just called it the leak of the century. Not had time to listen to it yet, but I am sure it will be interesting.

  17. Termed "The UFO Leak Of The Century" by R. Dolan: The Notes between Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson

    The meeting notes between Dr. Eric Davis and Admiral Thomas Wilson appears to have been found! These are believed to be the documents long-teased by Grant Cameron.

    The notes can be read here....
  18. Thread: Time Slips

    by sunwings

    Re: Time Slips

    One day I passed one of my favouirte shops and it had closed down. The following day it was there, in all its splendour. I asked the shop keeper if they had had reforms yesterday and she looked quite...
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    Re: I'll sleep when I'm dead

    I have small children. I Do NOT sleep. I am sure this gentlemen is correct in what he is saying, but maybe what is more amazing is how millions of Parents are kicking ass everyday on four hours sleep...
  20. Re: Spiritual Weight Training and Becoming a Peaceful Warrior with Dan Millman

    Thanks for reminding us about this man. I read his book a long time ago and it had a real imapact on me. Now I think I will read it again...

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