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  1. Re: Bank of Canada considers eliminating cash to better track individuals

    This is very sad, Tomkat! It appears that the millennial generation can be fairly easily duped into supporting egregious tech like this, or the fake science behind gender identity or the fake...
  2. Bank of Canada considers eliminating cash to better track individuals

    Do we really want to have cash eliminated so that Big Brother can track our every financial transaction? I think not.

    The Bank of Canada is considering launching a digital currency that would...
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    Re: MMS in Canada?

    See if you can get some from here:
  4. Re: Crowdsourcing a MOVIE with Kerry Cassidy & Jay Weidner

    Isn't there enough disinfo out there? This is why the Ufo field is so muddled. If making a fiction movie, atleast base it on fact.

    The real problems with ufo's is that they demonstrate the...
  5. Re: Crowdsourcing a MOVIE with Kerry Cassidy & Jay Weidner

    The problem with this idea is that, atleast in the case of Ms. Cassidy, the guidelines for what is admissible evidence for the Ufo story might be difficult to agree upon. If we used a tough...
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    Re: The Scramble for Space?

    This space research project, when regarded for its commercial potential from mineral mining, raises some interesting issues:

    1) Ownership of space based assets: since this research is being...
  7. Re: Chinese Citizens must pass Mass Facial-Recognition Test to use the internet for A.I. 'Social Credit System'

    Maybe this is part of why the Hong Kong protests continue. And why Taiwan keeps buying high tech weapons.
  8. Paralyzed man walks using brain-controlled exoskeleton

    (this is probably the only type of tolerable use of computer to human implants, IMHO)

    A man paralyzed from the shoulders down has been able to walk using a pioneering four-limb robotic system, or...
  9. Re: New Tesla battery uses alt-world power to achieve 1 million miles?

    It's hard not to be skeptical about the alleged claims in this article. Are they actually claiming that this e-truck could travel 1 million miles on 1 charge? Or is it's estimated service life 1...
  10. Re: Wow 2,200 miles wide Black Spot just appeared on Jupiter

    It is unlikely that Jupiter is the largest planet in the milky way galaxy, as said in the OP. Its the largest visible planet in our solar system. There is speculation that there's another planet at...
  11. Re: Video of Black Diamond - Rectangle Shaped UFO - UAP over Los Angeles

    I saw a similar object over a big lake this past summer. It was at night so it had lights, of which the stern lights were likely for propulsion. It flew past my position on the lakeshore at an...
  12. Re: The Pyramids Of Egypt: Relics Of An Advanced Prehistoric Civilization

    The largest three pyramids at Giza are constructed on structures that are much older. Dr. Carmen Boulter produced an interesting series on how the Egyptian pyramids were used by the ancients for...
  13. Re: Kerry Cassidy explains human origin and maps the territory

    A big drawback of Kerry's is that she puts a lot of stock questionable 'whistleblowers'. She has swallowed Mark Richards' 'testimony' hook line + sinker, with the latest claim that Richards knew...
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    Re: Powers' "so called" plans.....

    Personally I believe one can bide their time in this situation, playing by the rules as needed, taking any benefits for doing so, and then waiting, and searching, for technology, and philosophy, that...
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    Re: The secret of immortality

    Yes, as stated above, if you have achieved cosmic consciousness, then you can materialize your body wherever you want. You can also create your own reality. In any case your spirit is immortal....
  16. Re: I wonder how much the US government really knows about aliens....

    Certainly the former Canadian defence minister Paul Helyer has the inside knowledge of the alien/government interactions. Paul likely has more knowledge than he is willing/able to admit. He has...
  17. Re: A Youtube channel named Quartz Crystal. Says many interesting things about how Source Players create the matrix.

    I find it hard to believe that only 1.5m people on earth have souls. Knowing animals, they have spirits too. I don't think that this matrix interpretation is accurate in this regard.
  18. Re: Why Can't We Get A "Clear" Image of a UFO?? - Revealing Article

    To confirm the 'distortion' effect associated with ufo's, the one I saw in late evening over a lake was seen differently by me and my daughter. She saw a black rectangle with lights at the front and...
  19. Re: Gel that makes teeth repair themselves could spell the end of fillings

    I read a research article back in 14 about scientists at Harvard or mit discovering how to make batteries using carbon. These charged faster and held more charge than lithium-ion batteries at 5% of...
  20. Re: Baby monkey shakes with fear as he's snatched from parents to be used in British lab

    The way our civilization treats animals that are a food source is a disgrace. Chickens are kept in small cages with their beaks cut off and laying eggs through the cage floor. Or cattle that are...
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