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    Re: What's your perspective on freemasons?

    Some information here on their handshakes, passwords, etc.
  2. Re: Why didn't this hit main stream...not a peep about this!! (Diebold US election fraud)

    ...or this?

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    Re: Is there any hope left for me

    Around here there is a high turnover in car sales. A lot of people try it, but not everyone is cut out for it. I have also noticed that places will hire you with no experience as they do not want to...
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    Re: The College Debt Trap

    29 Shocking Facts That Prove That College Education In America Is A Giant Money Making Scam
  5. Re: UK local elections- did anyone else exercise their right to not vote?

    Neither my wife nor I vote. MSM keep reporting on voter turnout as they would love to see it at 100%, but I would love to see the day that not one person showed up to vote and the message that would...
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    Re: Bigfoot Body, Jeff Anderson interviews

    "But then, just when you think the film is about to arrive at the obvious conclusion that these people are all...
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    Re: The College Debt Trap

    Hi Wantsthetruth74,

    I am not condoning this, but student loans can in fact be discharged through banruptcy. Here is just one article.

    I just finished earning my bachelors degree last month and...
  8. Re: Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female PM, dead at 87

    Good riddance!
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    View Post

    Does anyone really take anything a "celebrity" has to say for real? I doubt most of them could say anything intelligent if it wasn't on a teleprompter in front of them.
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    Re: The Armed forces- heroes or demons?

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    Re: UFO Hunters show

    My wife and I went to see a talk by Giorgio Tsoukalos and Erich Von Daniken a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing. Someone asked about the rumors that Ancient Aliens had been cancelled, but Giorgio...
  12. Re: JUICING ~ Share tips, recipes, success stories, health benefits or ask ???'s

    Our original $15 yard sale juicer broke, so we bought this one with a 10 year warranty after reading lots of reviews online. I believe the Breville models like Joe uses only have a 90 day warranty....
  13. Re: The Great Pyramid, Newark Earthworks and the Code of Carl Munck

    Here is a new site that has been started to raise awareness of these ancient sites.

    "The trail is a driving route created to highlight the four major earthworks in Ohio - the Great Circle and the...
  14. Re: IRS to seek tax from USA citizens all over the world

    I agree with you CdnSirian - I don't think this is a new rule. My wife is a US citizen and had to file US taxes even when we lived in Scotland in late 90's and early 2000's. US citizens living...
  15. Thread: Paleo Diet

    by albativo

    Re: Paleo Diet

    I have been on the paleo diet since last July and have managed to lose weight and get off two prescription medications in that time too. I have more energy and feel better all around. I too started...
  16. Re: Interview with Ross Andersen/Zerzan for The Atlantic Online, October 13, 2011

    Someone bought me Steve Job's biography for Christmas, but it was one of those gifts they bought because they wanted it, not because I would be interested in it. I have never owned nor never will own...
  17. Re: New year resolution - Start your day with a good breakfast (Opinion)

    I have been on a paleo diet since July and have lost weight and gained muscle. The most important change for me though has been getting off my depression medication. I used to eat a full breakfast...
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    Re: Unexplained dizziness

    Or maybe....


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    Re: Unexplained dizziness

    Same here - dizzy spells almost daily that only last for a few minutes and then dissipate. Started happening a month or two ago.
  20. Re: Cell Phones, EMF Negatively Altering Important Regions of the Brain

    I used to have a cell phone in my car for emergency use as these days hardly anyone would want to pull over for fear of being attacked in some way. I no longer have a 1 hour each way commute, so I no...
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