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    Edgar Cayce predicted that russia would be the light of the world
  2. Re: ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm

    Yes and im sure they're training giant taliban spiders with ebola, sars,and swine flu and laser guided missles on their shoulders that hate American freedom
  3. Re: Iran and P5 +1 make agreement on Iran's Nuclear Issue

    now they can sell the oil at higher prices again. Watch the cost go up over summer. They thought they could kinda blackmail the russians through economic manipulation and if they would have had...
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    Re: Time is NOT an Illusion

    Time is only measured by the events contained within it. This is why we all experience time as speeding up.....because it actually is i believe. its happening because more is occuring in the...
  5. Re: Theorizing about Conspiracies 'ILLEGAL' by Government Decree 2015 onward!

    Haha Someone told me they saw David Cameron sitting on a park bench eating a poop sandwich. I said no no you didn't, David Cameron doesn't eat bread.
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    Randing strong lol. Rand your ground lol. Anyone find it strange how american media now seems to be coercing jews to vote republican? Whats the agenda behind this new ploy? So american voters will...
  7. Re: Understanding constipation and techniques to release it - Sarina Stone (part 2)

    Time for my Kombuucha!Cheers!
  8. Re: Mysterious Voice Led Officers to Save Baby in Car in River

    Carmody is smart, that much is evident. But I propose the notion that carmody is also a badass because that last post was huge in scope and scale of content and i loved it.
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    Re: The First X-class Flare of 2015!

    Yes this last one reversed my polarity i believe, feeling out of sorts
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    I see what you did there :)
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    Re: Starbucks coffees are so goooood!

    Hahaha Starbucks is a faaar more ethical corp. than almost any other at their level of commerce. Make a video like this for Red Lobster, Mcdonalds, Dunkin Donuts or dennys and they'd be longer than...
  12. Re: 911: WTC1 Top Floors Dematerialized (HD raw footage)

    Steel can be weakened by jet fuel fire sure, but not reduced to dust mid-air. I think maybe it could lose structural integrity and bend or warp, but not reduced to particles cmon now. it didnt bend...
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    Re: Radar anomalies?

    I cannot offer any meteorological help here but i like the notion you have. My doppler app shows wierd phenomenae around my city (a halo around city that has wind/rain everywhere but inside the...
  14. Re: Does Honesty and Integrity matter anymore? ( Patriots caught again!)

    Their punishment will be a soul crushing defeat in the Super Bowl to a motivated and very physical Seahawk team. Their head coach, bill 'Bellicheat' has never been an honest competitor imo. Seattle...
  15. Re: Drugs, (snicker) it's worse.. the Scarring of the Brain Stem

    "(slaves with scarred brain stems)" I choked on my tea drink laughing
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    Re: Music industry's big secret

    GMO music. Homogenized. synthesized. like the food, like the clouds now, now we have artificial impressions of what once was real. hmmm i just kinda pieced that together in a sense "People...
  17. Re: Ear Ringing - Artificial Tinnitus - Street Smart Experiencer

    My ears can ring sometimes. Im a normal person not psychic or anything so its difficult to discern whether the phenomenon is actually physiological or bizarre/nefarious. for me i think its a basic...
  18. Re: Extraterrestrial Prevention of Extinction Level Events

    A healthy mindset for us is to believe nobody is going to save us. It might make us more accountable
  19. Re: Young rapper calls out hip-hop for destroying our culture

    EXcellent. If you like it, also see Immortal technique and talib Kweli
  20. Re: The Power Thirsty Bastards continue destroying the planet using HAARP tech

    They're trying to melt areas of the arctic to get to the oil reserves under the ice maybe?
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