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    Re: Sleep paralysis suffocation

    My two daughters experience sleep paralysis and visitation by various entities. The older girl has learned to relax and even mock the entities. Her lack of fear has caused the incidents to abate...
  2. Re: Watch Cannabis THC Only Destroying Cancer Cells Not Healthy Cells!

    Add a drop of two of DMSO and turn it into a super ointment.
  3. Re: Book Notes: There Is a River (Biography of Edgar Cayce)

    That's news to me, I thought that it was just the opposite way around. Though I have heard about the Wynn Free's book. To me it was a bit funny when David Wilcock compared some of his familys photos...
  4. Re: Book Notes: There Is a River (Biography of Edgar Cayce)

    Some believe so, but I have my suspicions. I've heard that Cayce's relatives don't think so.[/QUOTE]

    I'm about half way through a book that contends he is, with some interesting connections. Much...
  5. Re: Book Notes: There Is a River (Biography of Edgar Cayce)

    Is David Wilcock the reincarnation of Mr. Cayce? ;)
  6. Re: Hillary Clintons Psychopathic Behavior Exposed full movie she banned from theaters

    Vince Foster. Look that story up! No way they could let him live to tell his tale. Or Ron Brown.
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    Re: An Easy, Simple Solution for ANEMIA

    If someone is taking proton pump inhibitors for acid reflux or indigestion they cannot properly utilize B-12. The body needs intrinsic factor and Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) in order to use B-12. Older...
  8. Re: It looks like Marijuana Will be Legalized in Oregon

    Where is the link to lung cancer? Probably can't find one. Cannabis is a pure plant from God and doesn't contain any of the nearly 400 odd chemicals that are added to tobacco. Even pure, unaltered...
  9. Re: USAF fire 2 more nuclear officers and transfer another

    Also note how many field grade military officers Obama has fired. General officers are seldom kicked out of service.
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    Re: We Are From The Future

    The movement generates more positive energy. The more that think along the lines of love and light, the more people that think along the lines of love and light! :) Love and positive intent grow...
  11. Re: It looks like Marijuana Will be Legalized in Oregon

    It's not so much that they fear the THC and highs one gets, but the hemp that could decimate the textile, oil, and food businesses! TargeT hit it spot on.

    As I sit here munching on delicious hemp...
  12. Thread: Parklife

    by conk

    Re: Parklife

    Why? Because he has a good vocabulary and makes proper, salient points about world affairs?
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    Re: Fireball Seen Across 11 states

    Indeed we are moving through a huge debris field as the Solar System moves through the Galaxy. There is a good video on this forum where a lady speaks of anomalous energies and debris that we are...
  14. Re: Are two cigar shaped UFOs near International Space Station part of First Contact?

    John Lear spoke of craft that may have been 5 miles in length. My mind reels with thoughts of how these things could have been constructed. Obviously using technology of which we are ignorant.
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    Re: Fake News!! CNN & BBC Busted!!

    One of the most egregious lies was when the US and UK media both reported that building 7 of the World Trade Center has collapsed, when in fact you could see it still standing in the live feed behind...
  16. Re: The Reflective Universe or... Can we say "Karma?"

    No sports fan will ever forget the sight of a baseball hitting him right between the eyes. 99.9% of the other outfielders would have caught it in their glove and not used their forehead. Haha.
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    Re: Sue Aikens, Life below zero

    I love her show as well. Always excited when the show turns to her story. The others are great as well. Wonderful life
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    Re: MMS Siezed by Health Canada

    Thanks for your reply. If you'll note, I addressed the aspect of disease, not trauma. I will admit that modern medicine excels at surgery and treatment of traumatic injuries.

  19. Re: What treatments work against arthritis? Personal experience?

    You are absolutely correct. The greatly expanding field of epigenetics explains this very well. Almost all of our physical ailments are due to emotional discord or stress. Negative energy patterns...
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    Re: Taking the piss: Your own best medicine...

    Here I am a month later, still drinking 6 oz in the morning. No positive effects yet. Do I need to be patient? Drink a larger quantity? More often? Stand on one leg while singing Urine My Thoughts...
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