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  1. Re: The Reason Gobekli Tepe Was Buried 8,000 BC

    yup i forget YouTube has sub's and yup long winded but good vid.

    Gobekli Tepe, they really understood how to pass on their important messages.

    So glad they were so clever and far sighted.
  2. Re: The Reason Gobekli Tepe Was Buried 8,000 BC

    Hi Chris great vid post.

    I'm at vid point 8:31, needs some subtitles me think's

    will carry on watching though :sun:
  3. Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    O.o EFO I think I rather have my joint stiffness, arthritis and inflammation.

    Serious though EFO Good if it works but not for me :sun:
  4. Re: Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor--Bolton, Trump Recreating Nazi Ideology

    Make sure you give important vids a :thumbsup: over on YouTube.
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    hi conk

    His first calculations probably made for a very safe, well shielded craft.
    Then NASA cut corners and wen't for a unsafe rushed job.

    That is the main purpose for the fake films,...
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    The Real Story Behind the Apollo 11 Computer Error | WSJ[/url]

    Apollo’s Most Important Discovery (Inside NASA’s Moon Rock Vault!)

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    50 years ago.
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    The van Allen belt issue I think comes from them having lied and not covering their tracks.
    The lie being:
    The equipment that took them to the moon was actually very advanced (secret) and a head of...
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    Yes I think we got there but not without help.
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    Some more content for the ongoing ddebate: did we land on the moon?
    Haven't seen this content before.

  11. Re: Future like the Jetsons? Or something else....

    Well people carrying sat-nav drone tech is here.

    No need to navigate your self, and has return to start point/home.
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    Yes Mutchie.

    All this sudden TicTac ufo business and hint's how they could start a war is part of a plan to me.

    I would say that it is USA tech or the unseen hands that pull the US strings.
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    Re: Neurolink Video with Elon Musk

    Hmm not going to watch the vid.
    just saying that Elon in that vid doesn't look real 0.o
  14. Re: Haka For Jonah Lomu: A Fierce And Moving Funeral Tribute To A Great Man

    I am not a follower of Rugby, I did not know who this man was.

    But I'm sitting here typing in a uncontrolled mess of tears.

    So strong and distantly connected are their rituals and ways.

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    Re: What are these Spheres ?

    Just as you would instruct 'Swarm Drones' to fly.
    All keeping a set distance or position from each other.

    Makes sense, if you have many objects/craft in a tight area
  16. Re: "Flying soldier" appears at Bastille Day on 118mph hover board ?????

    Yes Carmody, gun toting drone tech has been around for ages now and is far more effective/dangerous.

    The flying troop carrier is all for show.
    Look we have such sophisticated armies, we are the...
  17. Re: "Flying soldier" appears at Bastille Day on 118mph hover board ?????

    There is no hope for this planet is there :(

    Comments from the bottom of the linked page:
  18. Re: Quantum entanglement: Einstein's 'spooky' phenomenon caught on camera for first time

    WoW I'm so un-clued about this tech:

    quantum source of light
    non-conventional objects, what the hell is a non-conventional object hehe.

    not the sort of things you find down at the local...
  19. Re: Macron announces creation of French space force

    All part of the 'getting rid of their old tech' ploy.
    They palm it off as a new initiative, make money on it, all the while making their new secrets.

    The same way they will make a war to get ride...
  20. Re: "...Climate Change..." (AKA "Global Warming")... is it a scam?

    Is it man made, is it a scam?

    I think it has been abused by money makers yes, so scam to that level.

    But main reason behind it being, if we look at it as man made, well gives hope, guy's we can...
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