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    Re: How to Refuse a Police Search

    Loving the Public Servant Questionaire, my trouble is it's for the United States.

    Does anyone have any links to anything similar for the UK?
  2. Re: UFOs over Shropshire UK - 25th Sept 2011 Video

    I've seen the exact same thing with the naked eye. I've always put them down to being either satelites or the ISS, also seen them contra-passing and when they get brighter I've assumed they've been...
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    Re: The Shape of Sound

    I'm trying to find a video which demonstrates the effect of broadcasting frequency, i.e sound, at small metal particles immersed in liquid. The effect is amazing, with spining spherical objects and...
  4. Re: Two UFOs fly over Beijing City, China on Sept 14, 2011

    With the collection of recycled metals being shipped to China for whatever purpose, I am starting to wonder at the possibilty the Chinese are involved in the construction of these types of craft....
  5. Re: Incredible mystery video of giant UFO amazes viewers

    This is a fake and is an edited part of a slightly longer video showing the techniques used to make it.


    Edit: Ah I just saw your opening line...
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    Re: What do you most enjoy doing?

    For me it has to be making electronic music. It has many levels to explore and get lost in, time becomes irrelevant and creativity becomes abundant.
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    Re: Ufo ? Mass Sighting

    Some move, some don't, which would indicate to me they're not balloon's. As always, keeping an open mind but very interesting footage.

    Also, it ties in with the Japanese footage from space.
  8. Re: 'Future is up to us': Israel protest gathers 150,000

    This is certainly an interesting development, one that should be watched very closely me thinks.
  9. Re: I had the "census knock " this morning, its that time again fellow Aussies....

    These are the same two goon's that came to my house last week.

    They told me a name they were looking for and asked if it was me and if I lived at the address they were visiting, of course my...
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    Re: Police Attack Private Rent-a-Cop UK - A 'Force' Which David Icke Revealed in 1998

    The usual type of host which doesn't allow a question to be answered.
  11. Fema taking over all broadcasting for 3 mins...

    Please delete if duplicate post.

    FEMA, FCC Announce Nationwide Test Of The Emergency Alert System

    Similar to local Emergency Alert System Tests, this Test is...
  12. Re: UFO retrieved By Russian military (2011)??

    The helicopter used looks like a Russian Mi-8 used for cargo therefore capable of heavy load.

    I'm not sure of the video helicopters load. Surely...
  13. Re: Anyone have something disappear and then reappear later? What do you make of it?

    This kind of thing has happened on many ocassions to me. Most recently, I went to my desk to use my PC and saw my Trackball was missing, quite an obvious object to look at with a red ball and silver...
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    Re: free energy plans and patents

    I understand that with conventional laws of physics it wouldn't be accurate and any changes in the laws would have to be pre-programmed into the computer before hand. The computer only does what you...
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    Re: free energy plans and patents

    One thing that has occurred to me is this; we know that there're computer based modelling systems that can test pre-production designs. These work on inputting mathematics, dimensions and...
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    Re: Japan to abandon nuclear plans

    This has to be Humanities greatest ever lid to a Pandora's Box that is Nuclear Energy, in which we shall struggle to place/seal firmly back on.

    The long term negative prospects of using this form...
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    Re: Magnetic Time Vortex Over Antarctica???

    Nice find.

    I believe Antarctica has many answers yet to be revealed.
  18. Re: BLESSED UNREST - this is what we are doing at Project Avalon. MUST WATCH video

    I think that puts things into perspective - amazing and reassuring to know how widespread the desire to see change in the world has become.
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    Re: Census 2011 - UK

    Short and simple - non-compliance from me.

    The form will remain in its unsealed state as the letterbox received it (un-received by a human being) in some suitable place around the house, just in...
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    Re: Brian Cox's 'Wonders of the Universe'

    As much as I enjoy these types of programs, I can't help but feel a certain reinforcement in parts of the paradigm, with lots of data being used from NASA sources.
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