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  1. Re: Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks, on Dec 8, 2014

    This should be titled "I know a poster that knows a pilot that is a chemtrail pilot."
  2. Re: Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

    So you are saying then that the insurance companies were also in on covering-up by paying off insurance claims? That's like saying the lotteries give away fake tickets of millions of dollars to...
  3. Re: 9-11 Update, Plane did not hit the Pentagon; more proof coming out

    If none of the planes were crashed on 9/11, then show me the proof of air frames and serial numbers that are still buzzing around. Pretty simple to get a major reward for insurance fraud as the...
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    Re: Dadaji - the One

    Another great one was Sathya Sai Baba. His life was filled with miracles, even before he was born the parents' home had a music room and it was said that the instruments would rise into the air and...
  5. Re: Newscasters Agree: Rising Gas Prices Edition

    That video was from Feb 2013.
  6. Re: An Interview with a Reptilian Alien (The 'Lacerta Files')

    I would have to disagree with the UFO analysis. I have been within 5' of a craft on my patio and have seen another craft 100 to 200 yards away traveling about 10' above a river and neither of these...
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    Re: So how stupid are the sheeple?

    This is in regards to the OP. Some quads are incredibly quiet, some are very loud. The one pictured is a quiet model. My daughters both raced quads and we ran both types. The article does not say...
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    Re: Have you ever seen a ufo?

    One night I went conscious while already standing-up in the dining room area and only able to move my neck and head. In front of me there was a transparent typical grey type entity that told me to...
  9. Re: Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted In Michael Brown Shooting (Missouri, USA)


    I agree and have read a great deal on sociopathy and psychopathy as well as have much experience in interacting with these type people.. There is no cure and they may polish their...
  10. Re: Alex Jones connects the dots about what Executive Orders are heading us towards

    Anytime we speak-up we are called prejudice, haters, etc. If Obama were to be impeached a civil war would probably break-out.
  11. Re: Perpetual motion of the second kind confirmed!

    I'd say there is way more than 70 watts of power per square foot.

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    Re: Benjamin Fulford, November 11, 2014

    I'll bet some soldiers snapped out of their trance that day... time to wake up... (and take down the Hollywood production set)[/QUOTE]

    interesting... "CIA insider" mentioned next to the...
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    Re: We Are From The Future

    So what exactly does this mean? I think love is the answer but in order for the belief that spirit is real and has a free will both the Muslim and communist would have to convert to something more...
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    Re: What is a Shill?

    This is a silly question and possible unintentional thread killer, but why would someone think the under cover ops would spend tens of thousands of dollars to post on websites like this? To a...
  15. Re: Russell Brand is not real neither is 9/11


    I can't believe you think the towers were real! Just because you physically could tell they were in place? That's not real evidence and that kind of invalid critical thinking is why we...
  16. Re: 'I don't trust politicians & corporations in this country' Russell Brand - BBC Newsnight 24 oct...

    I think you are right on the money. The only thing I see a little different is knowing a person's mind can be rewritten/remapped if the need by "them" is high enough. Having been through this...
  17. Re: How Could They Be So Stupid (World Leaders)!?

    I wish Putin were the U.S. president but believed in our constitution. That would be far removed from our closet Muslim/socialist/communist dictator that currently resides in the white house.
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    Re: Warning! Earth tilting on axis?

    Does your GPS road map (Garmin/TomTom) work? If so, the earth has not shifted.
  19. Re: Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

    So basically every one of CIT's witnesses need to have a psychological exam? None of them stated it was anything other than a large commercial type aircraft or airliner.
  20. Re: Evidence That A Boeing 757 Really Did Impact the Pentagon on 9/11

    I e-mailed military member that was at the Pentagon on 911, he had helped remove bodies and recover after the incident. I asked him to post here but he declined after stating that some people cannot...
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