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    Re: Does anybody know anything about RNA drops?

    Hey dude!
    What made you purchase the drops? Perhaps it was your non-physical/spiritual part giving you a slight nudge? Try them out and go to James's Achieve radio site and listen to the archives...
  2. Re: Discuss: Are we helping those who we want to defeat, to defeat us?

    Thanks for your message, cloud9! Your message is well timed and on POINT!

    From my perspective, we are experiencing the alleged veil being lifted of the “Game of FEAR”. There is perhaps some truth...
  3. Thread: Duality of Man

    by Nortreb

    Re: Duality of Man

    Thanks for your sharing!

    Your text points toward the ancient science that has been placed in numerous pieces with some hidden on the planet.

    Individual - Indivisible-Duality
    Higher Self/Lower...
  4. Re: Chilling Video - Tanks Passing Through Burbank on Train

    Perhaps the train is going to Ft Irwin, California. This is the Army's National Training Center. I served from 1985-1987 and the Troops do not normally wear desert camoflage at NTC.

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    Re: Flash mob overruns Jacksonville, Florida Walmart

    This thread is showing signs of the effect of Sunspot complex AR1520-1521 on the dirt placed in the Human complex! Eons ago ;)
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    Re: Lord Jacob Rothchild confronted 31st May 2012

    On the planet that I am from, It is called "Drunk"! Dude was completely Tanked and caught totally off guard! :heh:
  7. Re: Prometheus Movie Based Upon Reality? See TRUE ENCODED STARMAPS!

    After having visited a few ancient sites listed in the video, I see a ray of truth!

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    Re: The Continuing Search For The Truth

    Many thanks, Helvetic for your consistency!

  9. Re: Easter Island "Heads" May Well Be THE Oldest Sentient-Being-Made Structures on Ea

    Thanks for this post, Mozart!

    Have you ever visited Rapa Nui(Easter Island is the name the colonist gave to the island). I spent 2.5 days there last June after spending 12.5 days in Peru. It was...
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    Re: KNOWLEDGE, the time is now.

    This material is very similar to rewriting a Fortran program with the C++ Visual Basic. I am moving at a snails pace. I am on 3.1 now. This is wonderful!
  11. Re: Hologram of Tupac to go on tour. This is not a joke.

    Great Post for discernment! Sort of a warm up for Blue Beam???
  12. Re: David Icke takes us on a Tour of his Mansion & Shows Off his Bentley..?

    IMHO, David Icke is an example of Genius and continously moving toward Divinity!

    The Shakyamuni Buddha was referenced sym'bolicaly reference as a Lion.

    His humor is unbelievable!
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    Re: KNOWLEDGE, the time is now.

    I am on section 2.19 at the moment! This is uplifting material, Roman!

    Thanks again.
  14. Re: Giant ufo sighting in mexico with huge flying saucers near united states border


    Did you notice at the end of the clip that the date is 2007?
  15. Re: James Martinez....Talking about Walter Bowart, Mind control & Taking back your po

    Thanks for this post, Steve.

  16. Re: 7.9 hits mexico 22nd of march warning maybe true?

    Thanks for this post. Below is a link that will be most helpful to monitor with world events:

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    Re: KNOWLEDGE, the time is now.

    Thanks Roman. These books are in my rotation now.

    All my best energy to you and yours,

  18. Re: Former Canadian Minister Talks About Importance Of UFO Disclosure To Get Free Ene

    Thanks for the post, The One.
    Perhaps I could be mistaken but "ABOVE PHOTO OF PRES BUSH AND CANADIAN DEFENSE MINISTER PAUL HELLYER" looks more like Bush with Rumsfeld to me. Unless Mr. Hellyer is...
  19. Re: Bill Wood Update: Be Ready to Have Your Minds Blown WIDE Open!

    IMHO- This is yet another lesson in Discernement! Do not forget what was cooking on Avalon last year this time with Sir Charles!

    I could be wrong. And I hope that I am! ;). But I hear the circus...
  20. Re: A warning from benevolent ETs about our future - over 60 years ago

    Many Thanks for the inspiring Post, Bill! This helped place a large piece of the puzzle of our unique connection. ;)

    All my best energy to you,

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