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    Sticky: Re: Interesting Free Books in PDF

    THE LITTLE BOOK ON CRYSTAL SKULLS - Edited by Lorenzo Guescini
    An introduction to the world of the crystal skulls

    This beautifully illustrated free e-book, offers an introduction to these...
  2. Re:

    This is great information, Thank you so much, WhiteFeather and Paula
  3. Re: The montauk chronicles - Christopher Garetano

    Hi again, I have finaly managed to watch the movie two weeks after recieving the link, The amount of hindrances I had on the way is beyond explanation and I will refrain from even trying..

    This is...
  4. Re: 13 Coincidences that Will Really Creep you Out

    These things are indeed very creepy when finding out the mysteries that surround our Matrix.

    The Illuminati card game seems to be more of the same
  5. Re: Wingmakers working with Enki annunaki team..hidden technologies

    Hello magnum, without stating any opinion to here and there at the moment, this will require a lot more commentary from Wes Penre as the Dr. Neruda fifth interview on behalf of the Wingmakers is...
  6. Re: Sleep Paralysis Occurring Frequently Since Awakening

    Hi Erica,

    Thanks for sharing. I think this process you described above is one that characterises the awakening process and I hope it is possible for you to take some quiet time to digest.
  7. Re: Sleep Paralysis Occurring Frequently Since Awakening

    Hi Erica , it is good to have you here in Avalon. Unfortunately, one's 'Awakening call' may bring a series of supernatural phenomena to the table, or to the bedroom :)
    I have heard a lot about...
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    Re: Full Disclosure: Hon. Paul T Hellyer

    Paul Hellier is working for years now towards disclosure, It seems to me he is best qualified for 'first contact - disclosure' scenario for the general public. He is calm, collected, and transmits...
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    Re: EMF discharger: where can I find one?

    Dear DOT, I was professionally recommended in the past to use this type of EMF protector from this distributor

    They are...
  10. Re: contact with parallel universe

    May god help this planet with the crazy and unresponsible scientists who are playing with thechnologies and are invoking someone else's desires in disturbances/interferences by opening gates and...
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    There is no doubt that some of the 'new medical discoveries' are useful and may save life.. I think that when it comes to loved ones and perheps even to ourselves we would naturally like to do the...
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    Re: John Lash's Kalika war party

    Thank you for this beautifuly worded explanatory post, hangel, your above observations on JLL's work and perspectives/persuasions are varied and appreciated
  13. Thread: I origins

    by Limor Wolf

    Re: I origins

    Hello Selmir and Paula,

    I am watching it right now, here it is :


    Not one of the best.. but for a reason not easy to...
  14. Re: Dreamtime Healing - Using Holographic Kinetics

    Thank you, The Voyager for the valuable information and updates about Steve Richards work

    I am in the middle of listening to the interview, I wish someone in Israel would have had the knowledge of...
  15. Re: MOD Spokesman and UFO Skeptic Nick Pope on Jimmy Church Fade To Black..4/3/15

    The notion of your thread is perfectly understood, Cidersomerset. I think James Bartley has said it right on his last 'Hyperspace' interview -

    "The UFO Milleu do not adress the core issues.."
  16. Re: Philip K. Dick Predictions for the Future: Mars Colonies, Alien Viruses & More (1981)

    Thanks Arwen and rgray222, I think that people will get back more and more into Philip.k.Dick words and predictions for another valuable consideration.

    Here is his 'The man in the high Castle'...
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    Re: I am finally flying again

    I am most greatful that my path crossed with your wisdom, Dawn. It was mentioned, but your insistence in the investment of your healing is inspiring, you contributed so much in that respect. Best...
  18. Re: Obama on Aliens: is he telling the truth, or joking?

    It may very well be that breaking will have to do with time, The programming of our world (see Philip.k Dick) is tightly kept under time structure (the division of years, months, minutes, hours) it...
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    Sticky: Re: Up At The Ranch And Beyond

    Thanks, giovonny, a pile of some relevant pieces of truth (as if the puppet politicians are capable of that..) covered under the guise of jokes and humor, from those who never knew how to walk a...
  20. Re: Humans contain 'alien' genes not passed on from our ancestors researchers have discovered

    Thanks Chancy, this is one of those news items that is aimed for the public for preperation purposes, similiar to the 'new technologies' we just 'now' developed, or the water on such and such Planet/...
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