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    If I was a betting man, I'd bet that plane is sitting at the bottom of the ocean. I think Ockham's razor completely applies here since pretty much everything known is an assumption.
  2. Re: Navy database tracks civilians' parking tickets, fender-benders, raising fears of domestic spying

    I'm not sure. I've been doing a lot of searches and reading on this and publicly, it's a rehash of the same info. A database of information whenever someone has any kind of contact with law...
  3. Navy database tracks civilians' parking tickets, fender-benders, raising fears of domestic spying

    No! Say it isn't so! O,o
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    Re: To rent an apartment or to buy a house

    It really depends on how you look at owning real estate. I look at it as an investment. If I pay a note, I'm building equity that is an investment for me. If I rent, I'm building someone else's...
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    Re: What to say to a friend who is dying?

    So sad to hear of your friend, Antagenet. And thanks for sharing with us since I think you already know what to do.

    I've always felt that souls that are moving on still need to feel as if they...
  6. Re: What if the missing air plane is found with all passengers safe and a story to tell?

    The black box may not be "off", just out of range. Max range is less than 3 miles.

    As usual, we are being lied to for "our own good". I'd hazard a guess that if the plane did suddenly appear, it...
  7. Re: A new technological tracking device - Never lose anything ever again - TrackR by Phone halo - Safe or not ?

    I have tried the Sticknfind. I have a boxer who should be named Houdini and loves to take a tour of the neighborhood when the mood strikes him. The neighbors do not appreciate his cat food...
  8. Re: Grandfather Writes His Own Secret and Hilarious Obit

    Thanks for sharing :)
  9. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    I did email them and ask if they had an independant testing lab confirm results. If they get back with me, I'll post their reply.

    If they used a projection instead of an actual flow test, I would...
  10. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    Do they manufacture activated alumina medium as well? That's actually what we are discussing... right? I have agreed and still agree that KDF will not filter flouride. It's essentially the first...
  11. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    I'm sure if you read through the Berkey information or even contacted them, they would be more than happy to verify what I have already stated since I have repeated their product information.
  12. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    Not sure how it's misleading, seemed pretty clear to me but here's a link on the tech.

    Be safe, R2
  13. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    The flouride filter is in addition to the KDF filter. Sorry I wasn't clear. That was a direct cut and paste from Berkey Tech sheet.

    To be clear... the water is prefiltered through the KDF and...
  14. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    Berkey uses Activated Alumina (which is granulated form of aluminum oxide) as the medium in it's flouride filters.
  15. Re: Whats a good water filter (that removes fluoride)

    When dealing with removing flouride, it's a matter of contact. The Berkey filter has a built in restricter that slows the water down so it gets the maximum contact with the filter medium. The...
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    Re: Why do people routinely slam doors?

    Neither of my kids can close a door without slamming it or walk by a light switch without turning it on. LOL

    It does get a little aggravating especially since I work shift work and sleep during...
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    Re: Cyborgs or biological systems

    The general public will wholeheartedly support growing/building cyborgs when the justification will be that none of our sons and daughters will die ever in war again. A war we probably shouldn't be...
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    Re: Life After Food - Soylent

    Hi Dawn :) I think you might be slightly confused on the canola oil. It's actually refined from rapeseed. They do use hexane in the refining process (and that is used in plastic manufacturing) so...
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    Re: Overpopulated??? Truly???

    Just an alternate thought here that was touched on briefly...

    I come from a very large family. I have 9 aunts and uncles, numerous cousins and myself have 4 brothers but yet, I have only two...
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    DHS wanted to track license plate data

    The Department of Homeland Security wanted a private company to provide a national license-plate tracking system. It has dropped the request for now while not citing a reason.
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