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    As a musician myself (guitars, keys, vocals, and other instruments) I must say I have to agree with your (and bsbray's) assessment. I've played with great "technicians" who could emulate just about...
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    And here she is with another young guitarist tearin' up the guitar again...
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    Re: Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks, on Dec 8, 2014

    The sky in the North Dallas/Plano area looked like the opening shot in your video piece this morning. It's so nice to wake up to the lovely Chemtrails, err, um, Geoengineering, I mean, persistent...
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    Re: Prince Ea: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

    Brilliant! Thank you Dennis. I never heard of "Prince Ea" (aka Richard Williams according to Wikipedia) before, but I love what this man has to say in the two videos posted by you and MorningSong. ...
  5. Sticky: Re: Metabiology .:. The Keys to the Book of Time and True Knowledge

    Jeffrey, First, I want to thank you for a most interesting and thought provoking post.

    I don't pretend to understand all that you are attempting to convey in this thread, but this particular quote...
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    Re: The Inevitable Destruction of the Skeptic

    I think open-minded skepticism is a good and healthy thing. When one is presented with something that goes against their beliefs or values they should be skeptical, but in an open-minded manner. No...
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    Re: The Inevitable Destruction of the Skeptic

    "The interesting thing about skeptics is that we're always looking for proof. The question is what on Earth would we do if we found it?"[/QUOTE]I believe the closed-minded skeptic would deny the...
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    Re: Smoking Gun Proof of Atmospheric Spraying

    Yes, and there are those who claim every moving light in the night sky is a UFO. These are the people who have enabled the mainstream media to label anyone who talks about such things as crazy...
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    Re: Smoking Gun Proof of Atmospheric Spraying

    I appreciate your point of view Chipsam and I agree that this one video clip is hardly definitive evidence. And I understand you aren't attempting to debunk the Chemtrail issue. However, I believe...
  10. Re: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street 1960 Twilight Zone

    The Twilight Zone is my all-time favorite TV series and "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" is also one of my favorite episodes along with "Third From The Sun." Rod Serling was way ahead of his...
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    This is not at all surprising since the big industries control "our" (tongue-in-cheek) government. Here's a simple thought. While California, and many other parts of the country, are seeing their...
  12. Rogue Element Within The Intelligence World

    The following excerpt is from an article published yesterday (2014-10-22) by Dr. Joseph Farrell on his Giza Death Star website titled A Curious Federal Case Raises The Prospects of a Rogue Element...
  13. Re: Alien Message to Mankind: "Do You Wish That We Show Up?

    I think it's pretty evident that the vast majority of people consciously--nevermind subconsciously--DO WANT a group of people to control the 99% (preferably 100%, but the 1% won't have that). In...
  14. Re: VT issues first Ebola warning ( website is now down)

    Obviously this thread ... ;)[/QUOTE]And Veterans Today!
  15. Re: I KNEW IT...LOL.....Scientific study reveals conspiracy theorists the most sane of all...Yeh !!

    I'm shocked! You mean, "the new study by Wood and Douglas suggests that the negative stereotype of the conspiracy theorist -- a hostile fanatic wedded to the truth of his own fringe theory --...
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    LOL! I wouldn't hold my breath Peace of Mind.
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    I finally got around to watching the OP video. Very funny, but also very sad that we've allowed our government to get to this point.

    If only we could find some lawyers with balls who aren't on...
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    I have not yet viewed the video, but this all started with the enactment of the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act signed into law by President Nixon in 1970. The law, we were...
  19. Little Brother: Hype or Hope? - The Eyeopener

    Another excellent James Corbett interview with veteran trial lawyer and radio broadcaster Lionel of Let's hope Little Brother wakes up. :hail:


    For those who don't...
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    Re: Ken O'Keefe Decimates NWO Shill On Press TV

    LOL! I think that's the first time I've heard the word "presstitutes." Perfect word for them. Thanks linksplatinum.[/QUOTE]Perhaps I was a bit too hasty in my response by saying presstitutes was...
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