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    Re: What are time lines?

    This came up on a post i made a while back, and one of our member’s here at Avalon gave a first person real life account of two parallel time line happening side by side..

    She had been out some...
  2. Re: Talks Of 7000-Year-Old Spaceships, Shakes Up Indian Science Congress

    Its always amazed me when they say or talk about the ancient world, or in ancient times. What idiot's, locked in a world of belief of ancient,, as old.. Dump (time) as its the lie of the decades...
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    Re: Punching holes through the Veil

    In my opinion, the Veil you speak of dose not exist, except for label that has been placed in man’s minds.
    Like for decades for example; to run a mile in less than 4 min. Was the Veil those who...
  4. Re: We Are Entering An Era Of Shattered Illusions

    WOW, Great example of the Matrix Delusional music of words, graphic’s, and riveting music to draw the senses out of reality of the eternal moment, in witch all things manifest and take shape. In a...
  5. Re: Entering 2015 with awareness.. A Year of Revelations, the truth no matter where it leads us, coming home.

    Some will instantly take this as negative in content,,, But people say they are awake, when we all live on a ball in outer space, and time is the great lie and deception holding man a slave to the...
  6. Re: Scientists cure cancer, but no one pays attention

    This is fantastic news, and there are thousands of known cures. There is one great cure yet to happen though. And that is in the definition of the Word Cancer, it’s a label like the word Chevy or...
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    Re: What is the meaning of being awake?

    Asleep, Awake, aware, unaware, like star trek it all depends on sensor’s what we were born with or machines we build to enhance those sensor’s already in place. Its like looking for something never...
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    Re: #RiseAgainstTheMedia

    totally agree, if you never hear about dramas that may upset you or could upset the overall balance of our lives. then turn it off. pollution of the air waves has always been the NEWS.
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    Re: Liquid Sun? Liquid Stars? What's going on?

    at 29;40 on scroll bar to jump to reference to this liquid star.
  10. Re: Watch Cannabis THC Only Destroying Cancer Cells Not Healthy Cells!

    For those who do not smoke,, In 1969 Long Bhin, Veit Nahm a few of us were using cheese cloth, or screens to dip the plant in wine, beer, or boos, and then re bottle it. THC in your favorite drink....
  11. Re: Watch Cannabis THC Only Destroying Cancer Cells Not Healthy Cells!

    In reality there is no such thing as cancer. Its a label “they” have placed on hundreds of fungi that exist in living beings, that have a place in nature to eat dead tissue or when the body dies, a...
  12. Re: Hovering 'UFO' found in 16th Century painting in monastery

    We'll get over it eventually ;)[/QUOTE]

    And all of eternity to forget, so to avoid eternity board-om lol groundhogs day! with no memory of what has gone on before,,, bliss - not knowing..
  13. Re: Hovering 'UFO' found in 16th Century painting in monastery

    Why do people think, ancient or modern, If we are eternal beings, not the avatar we are currently occupying. But the being in us that is not of this world but is in it. And all things, has no...
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    Re: By the year 2045, just who will be alive ?

    According to many alterative sources, like bob lazar and many whistle blower’s. the real space program, not NASA -- puppet front -- extra intelligence, came with the moon being moved here to earth...
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    Re: Is It time? To Change The World

    Wynn Dyer has a very time tested way to do this very thing, “change your thoughts Change your life “ just take this one step forward. Be that change, other’s will change if that change is...
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    Re: All advice welcome...

    This video I use on a regular basis, that helps me clear the cobwebs of daily life like the tides of the ocean never go totally away and try to renew there holds on us all. Enjoy.

  17. Re: Must read: sex, Christ, astral, all according to your use of your genitals.

    I for one must agree with NancyV.. We are not the sum of our thinking, entirely forced on us all, in reality came from the controlled teachers of this planet.

    “Stop” for just one moment and...
  18. Re: "When is Ascension? , "When is First Contact?" , "When is the EVENT".

    As long as reality is interpreted by theories instead of being experienced, subjectivism will go on misleading the sense of reality. < ? your quote.

    Ascension is the 'graduation' from the...
  19. Re: "When is Ascension? , "When is First Contact?" , "When is the EVENT".

    Again where in Nature dose this take place, except in men’s minds. One species out of billions on this planet.

    Expanded awareness, that’s also an endless topic. When one reaches the final...
  20. Re: "When is Ascension? , "When is First Contact?" , "When is the EVENT".

    The OP is politely in all due respect, if you can comprehend the depth of time, this topic has been on the books thousands of years.

    All of this is MAN MADE, to control the masses with the...
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