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  1. Re: THE TRIANGLE and the Death of Journalists...(Kerry Cassidy/Sorcha Faal)

    A Putin release of this information would do nothing. It would either be ignored by American media or written off as a fabrication to discredit the United States. If I remember correctly, the...
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    Re: Starbucks coffees are so goooood!

    I love the spooky doom music in the video.
  3. Re: A & E for 9/11 Truth - $200 Reward for History Channels Elusive "History's Business" Episode with Larry Silverstein

    This quote from Silverstein appeared on a special episode of Nova about 911.

    Don't know if this clip is from that episode, but this is the Silverstein interview that was shown.

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    Re: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

    Hi Wade,

    I've often speculated that the American populace has been "taken down". Why else would it be so brain dead, as you described? There's nothing uniquely abominable about the American...
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    Great thread, Bill. Thanks for the work you put into it.

    As illustrated in your posts, the way to transform energy is to let go of judgement, duality, and confrontation. We have to let go of the...
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    Re: I think I am awake now

    WhiteLove, good on ya. You're acknowledging the progress along your path. You are hearing the melody of your own song.

    Please allow me to be presumptuous enough to toss out a few tidbits here.
  7. Take Another 5 Minute Relaxation Break
  8. Re: 'V', the Guerrilla Economist, posts the most important information he's ever shared (4* General reveals 'The Plan')

    'V' was contacted, through an intermediary, by a US Air Force 4 Star General.


    This man was in charge of Asymmetric Warfare, and was in line to be Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. ...
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    Allowing Yourself to Feel Good

    From time to time I have mentioned that I have a formal teacher. I've been studying with her for over ten years now.

    She just posted a new youtube video and it occurs tome that some of you might...
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    Re: Grow A Garden From Garbage

    Garlic does well in a little saucer of water. Once the roots grow, transplant to soil.
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    Re: Request for Shamanic help

    Why do you think that a shaman is the answer to your predicament? What is it that you expect such a person to do for you?

    Are you looking for someone to wave a magic wand and fix whatever your...
  12. Re: Commercial (condemning bankers) banned in Switzerland (See why in Post #15)

    How do you know it is banned? I did not see any documentation supporting this claim on the salonesoterica site.
  13. Re: COINTELPRO 2.0 confirmed: How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet (Snowden GCHQ docs confirm)

    This should be required reading at Avalon. In the past, Avalon has been easily divided, disrupted, and distracted. Know the tactics that are employed to make us chase our tail.
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Bill Ryan!

    Happy Birthday and many more. Excelsior!
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    Re: Is atheism a religion?

    With respect, this is incorrect. This is a narrow western view of religion based in Abrahamic monotheism. Buddhism, Taoism, and several others do not fit this definition at all and yet everyone...
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    Re: Is atheism a religion?

    Many folks such as the friend that you described believe that the correct scientific position regarding God is that of course there is no such thing.

    This is incorrect.

    The science position...
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    Re: Is atheism a religion?

    Just for the fun of nitpicking, religion does not require belief and faith. Only some do. A belief in no God does not equate no religion.

    Atheism is not a belief, but many people believe in it. So...
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    Re: Dinosaurs and Humans

    Didn't you see that Documentary?
  20. Re: The Medicineless hospitals of China - 95% success rate in healing with the power of Chi

    After the Maoist revolution, doctors were in very short supply. For a long time, people were not allowed to see a doctor unless they had first been to a Chi Gung teacher. This is still practiced in...
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