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    Loving your QUOTE: IMO he is on the cutting edge of the place I am seeking to land also.

    I like Whitleys stuff.
  2. He did everything in 3s

    Awesome Thread. "If you only new the magnificence of 3,6,9, then you would have the keys to the universe." N. Tesla. Tesla was so infatuated with the number 3. Hence the 3 Nabisco boxes on the...
  3. Re: The United States kills Quds Commander Qasem Soleimani

    Don't blame Trump, blame the inside government. He's just the bathroom cologne clerk, like the others before him.
  4. Re: Uptick in human trafficking and disappearances

    This is a only goof, but maybe a piece to the puzzle here, as to why children/people are missing. If I may, Please Be advised, vulgar language is being used.

  5. Re: David Wilcock 2020 Exclusive: The Interview You've Been Waiting For! [Part 1]

    Some of his stuff was pretty cool way back in the day. Since , he's been nothing but a snake oil salesman, especially when he latched on with Blue Hemorrhoid Avian Boy in Corey Baade. Oops, Goode my...
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    Re: GCMAF Immunotherapy for Cancer

    Great Topic. I firmly believe that GCMAF is the wave to healing of all diseases, as well as autism, with respect to removing the NAGALESE component which triggers Autism.
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?


    "I can't imagine how it is possible ..." is a pretty lame argument.[/QUOTE]

    Because IMO, that tin can LEM wasnt capable especially with the technology back then , in getting past that...
  8. Spraying In Staten Island Today

    The secret government sprayed heavily here in Staten Island, NY today.
  9. Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    I believe the particles in chemtrails are being utilized for nanotechnology purposes in the grid. The grid being everything as a whole. Even the human species as well as nature etc. Will the 5G death...
  10. Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    Just checking in....I actually saw 1 Chemtrail plume amongst some wondrous beautiful white puffy clouds today. Other than that chemtrail spraying seems to be in a boycott stage here in N.Y.
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    Re: Dark Music

    Very Dark indeed. The latter video you posted was just as dark as the first.
    I thought this is where we post Dark Music, as one of my favorite bands Black Sabbath came to mind.
  12. Re: New interpretations of the Nazca Lines figures

    Nice Thread Bill with some interesting perspectives. If I may , I've pondered the idea that we actually had aero-flight in that era. I'm serious. That, or we had customized a landing port marker...
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    I just can't seem to get how they passed the Van Allen Radiation belt without burning to a crisp. Has anyone taken a real real good look at the LEM. I'm being serious. Again, it looks like a science...
  14. Timeline 1

    I made this YT video in timeline 1, 6 years ago. I thought it would compliment this thread.
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    Re: Anyone else doubt the Chemtrail Conspiracy?

    Rosalind Peterson was a pioneer in the Chemtrail subject IMO. I've watched and listened to most of her media. With that said, Yes I truly believe we are continually being sprayed without a doubt.
  16. Re: Worldwide Chemtrail Reporting by Avalon Members

    Some Chemtrails in New York. Not as much I suppose. Haven't really been looking, however i will advise.
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    Re: The Truth about Corey Goode

    I couldnt agree with you more Bill. Recently,,, I think I was on the website and noticed Michael Salla's support of Corey. I was stunned to seeing him support Corey. Stunned!
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    Sticky: Re: Here and Now...What's Happening?

    Bob, hopefully your friend's account will be seen by many. I was going to add a video but it’s no longer available called, “Rosalind Peterson: Steps To Protect Yourself, Or A Loved One From harm...
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    Sorry Nick. I'm truly not convinced we have been to the moon, as I'm more convinced we have not, this is how i see it. Has anyone physically looked at the integrity of the Apollo 11 LEM with respect...
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    Re: Have we ever been on the Moon?

    A gem of a movie. A must watch. You just gotta love the sarcasm's towards the Government, Astronauts and NASA. A 5 Star Video IMO. Well worth the 46 minutes.
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