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    Re: Why do we need the New World Order ?

    THE New world order (a term first coined by George H.W. Bush) is already here and is nothing more than a progression of the old tyranny. Unfortunately, the majority of people on this planet actually...
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    Re: Story with great truths in it

    I've only watched the first video do far and it is indeed beautiful. Profound without any frills or pseudo-spirituality. Listen to this man's exeperience, listen with your heart and know that this...
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    Re: What do you know about Voodoo/Santeria?

    No, but I know a man who has.

    Google "Ross Heaven", a British shamanic healer who trained with a voodoo priestess from Haiti. I'm sure you'll find all sorts of information, including his books.
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    Re: ...And the Wolf Shall Dwell With The Lamb?

    Excellent, well found.
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    Re: ...And the Wolf Shall Dwell With The Lamb?

    Hi Tony,

    The thing to remember is that the words "lion", "wolf", "lamb" do not occur in the biblical source texts, for the simple reason that those texts were written in Hebrew, NOT English (which...
  6. Re: Pareidolia or Intended 2D Rendering Of A 3D Construct?

    Knife/sword blades, specifically those used for killing or lopping things off.
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    Re: Nuclear weapons don't exist.

    Maybe you could go and tell that to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I'm sure they'd be delighted to hear they've being living under a delusion for the last 70 years.
  8. Re: EgyptAir flight 804 disappears en route from Paris to Cairo

    No it doesn't. CERN is located to the West of Lake Geneva, near the border with France.

    And even if it did, so what ? The plane (apparently) crashed near the Egyptian coast.
  9. Re: Kenneth O'Keefe - The Tyrannical System of Human Enslavement

    Excellent. He's one of the few offering real solutions, and he appears to walk his talk.
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    Re: Vive la France - as it Stands up to US

    It was France that scupperd the MAI treaty back in 2000. The relief was only temporary however, as the treaty was rebranded as GAT4 (I think) and implemented with the assistance of the puppet Blair....
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    Re: The Reset Button...and a Terrible Question

    I agree totally with everything you say Star Mariner. I could add plenty more things I've observed over the years, but suffice it to say that I too believe a global "catastrophe" is the only thing...
  12. Re: Tom Campbell: Recent Physics Experiment - What it Means to You

    Interesting, thanks.

    Nice to see that there are at least some scientists capable of grasping the (obvious) fact that when the results of an experiment contradict the current belief system, it's...
  13. Re: David Icke On The String-Masters Of The Left & Why Jeremy Corbyn Must Be Bolder

    Listening to the main audio (Ritchie and David) now. Nice to hear that they are still grounded enough to talk about football ! :sun:

    But I have to lament - Ritchie tells us that "so many people...
  14. Re: A nice little bundle of happiness on a Monday Morning... Young Soffi singing along to Elvis

    HAHAHAHAHA That's brilliant !!

    Thanks, the smile will stay on my face for the rest of the day :happy dog:
  15. Re: David Icke on The Other Side of Midnight interviewed by Richard Hoagland 27 March 2016

    WHAT ! I'm stunned. One of the true greats. Ajax in the 70s were the most amazing side EVER, and Johan was my hero of the decade.

    Sorry to be off topic

    ... Just finished listening. I'm...
  16. Re: Welsh lessons by a 3 year old Bilingual (my daughter)

    Wonderful !

    Hats off to you Kev. May your beautiful language stay alive and strong.
  17. Re: Atlas Joint Chiropractic? Thoughts please....

    I'd recommend you try a McTimony chiropractor (they're all over the UK). Their methods are very subtle and gentle, more like being nudged than twisted and wrenched. They also treat the whole body,...
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    Poll: Re: Television poll...

    Haven't watched TV since about 1994. These days I only watch what's available on the net. When I need to decompress I watch old British comedy programmes and am always on the lookout for good stand...
  19. Re: Obama is a sleeper cell... how the destruction of America was planned from the start

    Now hold on a minute. Flash and I don't always see eye to eye but your comment is insulting and plain wrong.

    Having glanced at the headline in the piece you linked (without any kind of summary by...
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    Re: I'm going to Retire soon...

    Jagman - You've opened your heart and spoken your truth. There's more power, more beauty in that than in the speeches of 10,000 politicians or preachers.

    It takes guts to tell the truth, the real...
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