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  1. Re: It's no wonder evil people still rule the world

    I always felt that I did the right thing and should be all right with karma or a creator and people who did bad things would pay in the after life. Never heard much about them being...
  2. Re: Mike Adams--Wake up call--warning--get prepared--

    "meant to happen is a strange concept to me."

    Don't worry but make your plans so you are prepared even if it is just emotionally. Be happy!!!!
  3. Re: Mike Adams--Wake up call--warning--get prepared--

    I never stored food or batteries or anything but now I'm thinking seriously about it although I'm a procrastinator and may not.

    Now there seems to be clear writing on the wall but then, some...
  4. Mike Adams--Wake up call--warning--get prepared--

    This is not scare tactics--Why would it be?

    I'd rather be prepared than sorry later...........
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    Re: Planet Earth Now Has A Flag

    what's with that coke crap?
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    Re: GMO And Related Stuff

    I asked this question before and maybe a lawyer could answer it. Is there a way that a group of ordinary citizens could sue a big corporation without it costing a fortune? People around the world,...
  7. Re: Alex Jones: "Something Big Is About To Happen"

    So you're saying that nothing bad is going to happen, well, it's already happened. If you have listened to Alex Jones you should know that a hell of a lot of serious crap has been happening for...
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    Re: Best place in the world to live?

    That may be a question for Bill Ryan. But things are continually changing so 'they' probably have plans for the entire world, eventually.
  9. Re: The Earth stopped rotating in ancient times - according to Gregg Braden

    The great flood as well as three days of darkness are mentioned in the the OT.

    Since most things from ancient times have been kept from us and only revealed as myth which they were not I for one...
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    Re: Cash or Cashless?

    Boycott this cashless crap! Boycott all their control mechanisms. It's preparing us for to be controlled totally.

    Just say NO! We will not be controlled by them. No way.

    Buy with...
  11. Re: Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, Barcleys and RBS found guilty of rigging foreign exchange prices of U.S. dollars and euros from Dec. 2007 to Jan. 2013.

    BIG money people know they can buy just about anyone. And those they can't buy they murder. They have to because they are controlled also,
    So it's a hierarchical set-up and the ones at the top are...
  12. Re: "Bride of Frankenfood" - Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto finally unveiled

    It's not funny, really. These interviewers are insulting the people on the street and making fun of them.

    They have done this many times in the past. The way they ask the questions is...
  13. Re: "Bride of Frankenfood" - Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto finally unveiled

    My friend East Sun, it's doomed to fail because humans are meant to be guided by their own free will, not controlled like red fish livestock. The more the elite try to control humanity, the more...
  14. Re: The "Elite" never seem to die. Are they human?

    I would not trade places with any one of them for any amount of money.

    So there, hybrids, etc.

    Enjoy your karma. And if there is no such thing that's fine too. We are far better off...
  15. Re: "Bride of Frankenfood" - Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto finally unveiled

    I can't stand it....

    It's no wonder evil rules the world.

    We are not waking up fast enough!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Re: "Bride of Frankenfood" - Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto finally unveiled

    Thanks Gaia,

    That was fast!!!!!!!!!!
  17. "Bride of Frankenfood" - Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto finally unveiled

    Bride of Frakenfood" - Hillary Clinton's ties to Monsanto finally unve" - Hillary Clinton'

    OOps! Did not do...
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    Re: Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God

    St Malachy's prophesy---112th Pope would be the last pope ---- Petraus Romanus

    There are some doubts about this because the name may not be correct.

    Peter the Roman could be the last pope...
  19. Re: Thousands call for the North of England to become part of Scotland

    The people are waking up and 'they' can't handle it. This can be summed up in one word, "deception"--- of the people.

    The mason black and white squares around the cops hats shows where they are...

    Because of past criticisms of my views on Alex Jones I took time out to verify my assertions of his credibility.

    I'll go out on a limb, because nothing can be totally accurate, and say that I...
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