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  1. Re: The Breakdown of Human Morals and Ethics and the Rise of the Psychopaths

    I think there has always been a duality between the morality that religions promote and the actual practices of human beings. The more I read of history the more I'm convinced that these times...
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    Re: Teenager into self-cutting

    I have no advice for you but you have my sympathy. It is a painful time when a child is in mental pain and all you can do is watch and love. If she allows it, love her as you would a small child. ...
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    Re: Large Hadron Collider...and other stuff

    Thank you for being so tactful about education in the USA. I am a product of it. Oh the stories I could tell...

    All I've heard about the Hadron Collider all mystical, mythological stuff. From...
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    Re: Is Alex Jones CoIntelPro?

    Why is it important that any of these people are Jewish?
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    Re: Is Alex Jones CoIntelPro?

  6. Re: Stone Circles,energy lines & Becker hagens

    Please explain about Becker Hagens Grid. Is it the same as the Lay Lines I hear about?
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    Re: Sustained Constant Ringing In Ears

    I've had ringing in one ear for over 10 years. The MD ear specialist says it's nerve related but just how and why he didn't know. It could be medication related. It could be genetic. One thing I...
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    Re: Kent State Shooting Anniversary

    I remember it so well. I lived in a college dormitory. We lit candles and set them in the windows. Know one really spoke of it. We were heartsick and worn out from the years of war. It felt like...
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    Re: May Day is Loyalty Day in the US?

    64 Years an American Citizen and I had never heard of May 1st as anything other than "May Day" - a day when the teachers allowed grade school students extra time in recess and maybe a treat in the...
  10. Re: Did anyone notice any kind of anomaly/timeline shift in the last few days?

    My husband and I are both over 60 and are doing this all the time. It's because we seldom leave the house and have a pretty open schedule. There's not much to make one day different than another. ...
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    Re: What it take people to wake up?

    Rejection is a clear possibility when holding up your beliefs and/or your behaviors as a standard for others.
  12. Re: Self Care: what are your favourite methods of grounding and calming yourself down?

    I sing.

    The last thing I need to do is "go inside my mind". I need to get out of my head and into the world. I need to express myself out loud.

    I turn on some music specially collected for...
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    Re: Tar Blobs on Southern California Beaches

    I've been going to the Oregon beaches since the '50's and there have been tar blobs since that time at least. It depended on the tides. As kids we were always reminded to take off our shoes before...
  14. Thread: triquetra

    by Heartsong

    Re: triquetra

    Triquetra, Thank you for the thread. It will be interesting reading and I'm looking forward to it.

    For starters, would you give us the English pronunciation of "triquetra"? I stumble as I read it...
  15. Re: A 2009 Open Letter to President Obama: "YOU SCARE ME"

    Through Eisenhower, Kennedy,(Yes I was very young), Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, The only ones that didn't scare me were Carter and Ford. Mostly because they...
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    Re: Perspectives in Metabiology: Crossroads

    Beautifully written. Thank you
  17. Re: Stay Away From 'Measles Parties' Docs Warn Parents

    Just an anecdote here:
    Circa 1951 my brother nearly died of measles. He had a prolonged fever of 104 deg. He would have been hospitalized but the only hospital that could take him required a ride...
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    Re: Has Anyone Else Felt this Way as They Age?

    I've found the hardest part of aging is becoming invisible.

    I'm no longer pretty or shapely. I no longer contribute to the greater good through work. No one asks my opinion and if I am so bold...
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    Re: The mind of a crow.

    Most summers we have 2 pair of nesting crows and 2 pair of squirrels on our little half acre. The neighbor sets out peanuts for the squirrels. It's a whirlwind of activity and noise in this yard. ...
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    I'd like to see the make-up of the original statistics. 90 guns per 100 persons.
    Does this number of guns include the number in warehouses, museums, police and national guard arsenals?
    Does the...
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