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    Re: Skeptics of Avalon: Why are you here?

    Agreed with Agape above. Skepticism mixed with sarcasm/cynism is a kind of religion for modern human beings. That's what I value Avalon. There are open minds here, ready to question, inquire,...
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    Re: Meme Your Memeist Memes Thread

    To be honest there are some posts in this page that made me wonder if I'm in PA or any mainstream garbage page?

    I understand it's important to stay in collective-rationality with one foot (like a...
  3. Re: The Matrix. Are we in one? If so, how do we get out

    Totally disagreed.

    Totally agreed! :)
  4. Re: What's wrong with me? I've shunned all fear porn about the killer virus

    i just gave a seminar to a class of 21 people last week. yes we were in a hotel seminar room & no, none of us had any mask. some of my health profesional colleagues called this as "ignorance" , i...
  5. Re: The "Right-Left" dichotomy: false, simplistic, & manipulative.

    Never liked right wing. Never voted for right wing. For me right wing was the symbol for sociopath/psychopath viewpoints.

    Only in these previous years I came to the realisation of above...
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    Re: The coming age of Cyborg, humanity 2.0?

    Very good analogy. Even worse than that, our organic path is becoming a Jedi, AI path is becoming Clones. Same appearance, same thoughts, same choices, same behaviour. Putting a mask to everybody on...
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    Re: Doctor Rashid Buttar --Snake oil

    Let me tell you about quackwatch. I was in university making my MS degree on phytotherapy when we saw quackwatch's ridiculous claims about phytotherapy & herbs with my professor. That was in late...
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    This is exactly what I think on nearly every "alternative" source lately. Unfortunately it seems far-right has invaded all alternative sources. Is it because technaucrats/scientism cult followers are...
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    Re: David Icke on 5G and Covid-19

    This is a very tangled story. Although I definitely agree with MA's comment "It’s almost as if the pro-Trump indy media has lost two hundred years of scientific knowledge..."** , his approach is also...
  10. Re: Countries Remaining Independent From 2020 NWO Agenda / Escape From Tyranny Resources

    This is a very good thread - i also am very curious about this too. But it's not easy to have this kind of information here on PA as most of the members see the world only as USA/UK.

    This is not...
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    Re: The Virus - the Energetic Viewpoint

    As a health professional who follows all latest medical research on covid, above thread would really interest me a lot because it would include very valuable insights as shown in excellent first 3...
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    Re: A Very Happy Birthday Bill Ryan!

    Happy birthday Bill - and a special thanks to everyone in PA team! I just entered to another "alternative" forum today (it's name is not important) and horrified to the shabbiness of the topics &...
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    Re: Farsight prime/tv

    Thanks for this thread and posts. There is an important link in ExomatrixTV's post, I suggest everyone to take a loot at it:
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    Re: Religion and gawd

    I totally & completely understand you. Didn't count how many times I was disappointed to see right-wing zealots masquareding as turther or seeker. Really got bored & annoyed of this (you talk about...
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    Re: Is there an update on Boriska?

    That was really good video Bill, thanks for posting this. I've taken energy medicine courses in Russia and found out the food is excellent, Moscow is very beautiful, weather is extremely cold and...
  16. Re: Our great friend Bob Dean has passed: 11 October, 2018

    So sad news. He was such a noble & wise soul. His interviews will always be my favourite among all Project Camelot interviews.

    Thanks Mr. Dean - and may your path be in light/freedom.
  17. Re: Allison Coe, QHHT practitioner sharing knowledge from sessions

    You are not the only one Chris, I am a bit younger, and I am in the same situation. I have pretty much lost interest in many things I used to like or research.


    So, it's not only...
  18. Re: David Wilcock's letter of resignation to Gaia TV

    Very very interesting thread.

    So whether one is mainstream or "alternative" same patterns happen when ego is activated. Very mechanical & predictable as Robert Anton Wilson would say.

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    Re: New Wes Penre Videos

    Thank you Wes for your excellent research and all material! These helped me a lot to connect the dots.

    Greetings from Istanbul!
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    Re: Is having children a crime against humanity?

    Dear Flash,

    I don't agree with the content, but thanks for above excellent post. I was really shocked to see the narrowness & rigidity (and in some posts, outright ridiculosity) of point views...
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