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  1. Poll: Re: How Many People Here WILL Have the Vaccine and are Comfortable Doing So?

    I'm not against the vaccine per se, but I will wait several months to see exactly what, if any, side-effects are present.
  2. Re: Former President Obama on UFOs December 2020

    And mine too. Who the hell do these people think they are?
  3. No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time

    As far as I'm concerned :clapping:
  4. Re: Bill Ryan's personal Question-and-Answer thread. Pile it on. :)

    Just thinking aloud Bill, but when do you actually get any time to read anything? You always seem to be active on Avalon.
  5. Re: Mysterious Metal Monolith Discovered In Remote Area Of Utah Desert

    Thanks for that clarification, uzn. I did wonder if the object was visible from Google Earth, or whatever is used for such views.
  6. Bone Records: Soviet-Era Bootlegged Music on X-Rays


    During the Cold War, Soviet Russia was a very restrictive place. The media was heavily censored, foreign radio and television station waves were jammed, books that criticized the Soviet...
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    Agreed :thumbsup:

    IMHO he was the greatest ever to grace a football pitch.
  8. Re: Mysterious Metal Monolith Discovered In Remote Area Of Utah Desert

    Looks to me, amor, more like the head of a tortoise...
  9. Re: Mysterious monolith found in remote part of Utah

    Exactly. It all adds to the mystery.
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    Re: Pfizer covid vaccine frenzy

    Why are animals still being used for testing drugs? If I ruled the world, convicted rapists, murderers and especially paedophiles would take the poor animals' places...
  11. Re: UFO footage? Filmed at my farm on January 6, 2019

    Erm, the male equivalent of a herband?

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    Fifty-seven years later.... the answer still blowin' in the wind?

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    Re: If you could ask God a question...

    Give me ONE good reason why I should believe in you....
  14. Re: Why you absolutely need to stop wearing shoes inside your house

    I'd never even considered the 'dangers' of wearing shoes around the home.
    I've always taken my shoes off after entering my house, and if it's a warm day gone barefoot. In the colder months, though,...
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    Re: Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story Never Told

  16. Re: Auditing: The Bleeding Edge of Monitoring Power

    Several that I regularly follow and find most enjoyable are:

    SGV News
    Furry Potato
    Amangansett News

    and many others that show up as recommendations
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    Re: If you could ask God a question...

    God (if that is how you address yourself)
    Who do you pray to?
  18. Miniature Shops and Restaurants Built For Mice into Busy City Streets


    In cities across Sweden, France, and the Isle of Man lies a parallel universe fit only for a mouse. Miniature restaurants, record shops, and apothecaries squeeze into ground-level windows on...
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    CONCATENATION - Super Slowmotion

    Concatenation is a Rube Goldberg-esque video montage made up of cleverly arranged stock video footage.

    I found it mesmerising...

  20. Re: Sheela-Na-Gig: The Mysterious Medieval Carvings of Women Exhibitionists

    Thanks Mare :thumbsup:
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