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  1. Poll: Re: How Many People Here WILL Have the Vaccine and are Comfortable Doing So?

    This may have been a fashion ahead of its time.
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    Re: Native American Mounds

    Can I also thoroughly recommend Cliff Dunning's "Earth & Ancients" weekly show on the theme of ancient civilisations.

    It's just awesome. I discovered this in the spring and downloaded it for a few...
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    Re: The Dirt on Daniel Andrews

    God ?
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    Re: Clinton, Brennan & Biden: Benghazi

    I get the feeling that that's about as far as this thing goes.

    Too much of a hot potato for even Trump to touch. There are certain things that only people can do something about - there are simply...
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    Re: A Dystopian Future? Richard Dolan's view

    Wow. Just picking my "will to live" up off the floor after watching that Dolan video.

    Shame he's such an intelligent, knowledgable & articulate type otherwise I could'v dismissed that perspective...
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    Re: James Fox's "The Phenomenon"

    This is just perfectly timed to dovetail with the Covid-19 global coup. Nuclear holocaust, then global warming, then mass pandemics and now officially-sanctioned space aliens.

    A nice procession of...
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    Re: Covid-19 Wake-Up Thread

    Related threads:
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    Covid-19 Wake-Up Thread


    Today I've been stumbling across quite a few pieces of media that kind of stunned me in the level of skeptiscism over the whole pan/plan/scamdemic, whatever you want to call it. I realised how...
  9. Re: Exposing Moderna; the star of plandemic: Indoctornation reveals the truth

    I think that's the whole point behind a "put something in your body that doesn't belong there". Otherwise there'd be no need for the needle.
  10. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    Many "scientists" these days are not actually scientists at all. They are politicians with a "scientist" label attached - i.e. officially endorsed scam merchants. They parade the "peer review"...
  11. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    Whatever the scientific wrights and wrongs, the whole practise of banging up healthy people, testing healthy people and calling them "cases", weaponising them statistically to create sensationalised...
  12. Re: Materialistic Science, Scientific Materialism... and Truth

    I'm afraid Frank V's expressions in this thread come across more like a religious zealot than a "scientist" to me. Science does not work in the way he asserts. It requires to interact with the...
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    Re: What Michael Jackson knew and wanted to do

    Well he must have staged his death twice then because "Dave Dave" died in 2018 according to "sources".
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    Re: What Michael Jackson knew and wanted to do

    What about Prince...promoted as dying in an elevator ? Pictures of drugs and messy make-up tables splattered all over the press trying to paint him as some kind of drug addict. No "druggie" could...
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    Re: How to build intense love

    What about Prince...

    ...oops. Wrong thread.

  16. Re: Trump's Brother tweeted long string of Truths before he died

    It's bogus.
  17. Re: You'll get it in 30 secs/ John Paul Rice/ Incredible testimony

    Who is this guy ? I haven't heard of him before.
  18. Re: You'll get it in 30 secs/ John Paul Rice/ Incredible testimony

    That is phenomenal.

    What an incredibly lucid and fluent account. If people don't get the integrity and urgency of that message they must be made of wood.
  19. Re: [HELP] Scientist who researched about how weather can affect human psyche....

    Is there actually a need for formal research to know whether people like "good weather" or "bad weather" more ?

    I'd have thought the more interesting question was the other way around - can the...
  20. Re: Mike Adams' Global Reset Survival Guide (August 2020)

    I became sceptical about his judgement in 2013 when he started bashing bitcoin.

    Ok, I get that it isn't for everybody and there are legitimate reasons why people might be critical, e.g. fully...
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